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  1. Rules for The Earwolf Forums Welcome to the Earwolf forums! There are lots of places you can talk about our shows online, the special thing about our own forums is that our hosts sometimes join in the conversations too. Please bear that in mind when you post, don’t post anything you wouldn’t say to their faces. If you have concerns about the content of any of our shows, you can mail our Exec Producer directly at colin@earwolf.com. If you see a post breaking any of the rules below, please click the “report” button at the bottom of the post and a moderator will review it. Replying to offensive posts only amplifies them. - Absolutely no attacking or name calling other posters. If you disagree with someone, please try to do it respectfully. - Absolutely no attacking or name calling of guests. We are very grateful to all the guests who join us on our shows. If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it somewhere else. - No objectifying or otherwise sexual comments towards any guests or other posters. Don’t be gross. - Do not create multiple accounts. Do not create accounts to impersonate hosts or other posters. If you are having trouble with your login please contact Shannon to fix. - No piling on. Seriously, there is no reason for 10 people to get into a 6 page fight over one person’s comment. Report it if the post is breaking rules, and if not, let it go. - Don’t quote offensive comments. Just report them. If you quote a post that will be deleted, your post gets deleted too. Please just report for mods to handle. - Please keep things on topic. If you have other random conversations you want to have, start a PM with another user or create a thread in the Off-topic forum. Examples: OKAY - “Meh, this ep wasn’t my favorite. That first segment was awkward.” NOT OKAY - “Ugh, the guest is so unfunny and I hate them. I hope they are never on another podcast again so I don’t have to hear their horrible annoying voice” Failure to follow any of these rules may result in warnings, temporary loss of posting privileges or banning. These consequences will be up to the discretion of the moderators. Thanks for helping us keep this a fun place to hang out! Happy posting!
  2. Shannon

    HDTGM All-Stars

    I've been re-listening to old episodes lately and starting thinking about all the overlap in the movies the gang has covered. So I compiled a list... 7 Appearances Silvester Stallone - Cobra, Judge Dredd, Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, Demolition Man, Over The Top, Rhinestone, Tango and Cash 5 Appearances Nicolas Cage - Season of the Witch, Drive Angry, Trespass, The Wicker Man, Con Air 4 Appearances Danny Trejo - Badass, Anaconda, Reindeer Games, Con Air Arnold Schwarzenegger - Jingle All The Way, Batman & Robin, Junior, Hercules in New York 3 Appearances Jennifer Lopez - Gigli, The Back-Up Plan, Anaconda Al Pacino - 88 Minutes, Gigli, The Devil's Advocate Billy Burke - Drive Angry, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Jackson Rathbone - Avatar: The Last Airbender, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Taylor Lautner - Abduction, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Breaking Dawn Part 2 Temuera Morrison - Barb Wire, Speed 2, Green Lantern Leelee Sobieski - 88 Minutes, The Wicker Man, In The Name of the King Sandra Bullock - All About Steve, Speed 2, Demolition Man Jason Statham - Crank 2, In The Name of the King, Fast 6 Ben Affleck - Gigli, Reindeer Games, Daredevil Alan Cumming - Burlesque, Smurfs, Spice World Joe Pantoliano - Pluto Nash, Congo, Daredevil Kelly Preston - Old Dogs, Battlefield Earth, Jack Frost Will Smith - Wild Wild West, After Earth, Winter's Tale John Travolta - Old Dogs, Battlefield Earth, Staying Alive 2 Appearances Rita Wilson - Old Dogs, Jingle All The Way Willem Dafoe - Speed 2, Spiderman 3 Thomas Hayden Church - All About Steve, Spiderman 3 Lindsay Lohan - I Know Who Killed Me, Liz & Dick Charlize Theron - Reindeer Games, Devil's Advocate Dash Mihok - Punisher: War Zone, Trespass Cam Gigandet - Burlesque, Trespass Neil McDonough - I Know Who Killed Me, 88 Minutes Hank Azaria - The Smurfs, Godzilla Bai Ling - Crank 2, Wild Wild West Christa Campbell - Drive Angry, The Wicker Man Ron Perlman - Season of the Witch, In The Name of the King Benjamin Bratt - Catwoman, Demolition Man Rob Schneider - Judge Dredd, Demolition Man Jesse Ventura - Batman & Robin, Demolition Man Jeffery Jones - Devil's Advocate, Howard the Duck Ed Gale - Howard the Duck, Tiptoes Grand L Bush - Demolition Man, Street Fighter Miguel A Nunez Jr - Pluto Nash, Street Fighter Doug Hutchinson - Batman & Robin, Punisher: War Zone Bob Gunton - Demolition Man, Glimmer Man Nikki Cox - Mac & Me, Glimmer Man James Franco - Spiderman 3, The Wicker Man Robin Williams - Old Dogs, Toys Bruce Campbell - Spiderman 3, Congo Tania Saulner - In The Name of the King, Wicker Man Tom Atkins - Drive Angry, Halloween III Jennifer Garner - The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Daredevil Salma Hayek - Wild Wild West, Fair Game Steven Berkhoff - The Tourist, Fair Game Richard E. Grant - Spiceworld, Hudson Hawk Dan Ackroyd - Nothing But Trouble, Crossroads Matthew Broderick - Godzilla, Deck The Halls Fred Armisen - Smurfs, Deck The Halls Nicola Peltz - Avatar: The Last Airbender, Deck The Halls Gillian Vigman - All About Steve, Deck The Halls Jean Claude VanDamme - Street Fighter, Double Team Colin Ferrel - Daredevil, Winter's Tale Bob Hoskins - Super Mario Brothers, Spice World Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - Barb Wire, No Holds Barred Richard Edson - Super Mario Bros., Howard The Duck Bruce Willis - Hudson Hawk, Color of Night Hulk Hogan - No Holds Barred, Mr. Nanny Dolly Parton - Joyful Noise, Rhinestone Geri Halliwell - Crank 2, Spiceworld Demi Moore - Nothing But Trouble, LOL Roger Moore - Spice World, A View To A Kill Christopher Walken - Gigli, A View To A Kill Aida Turturro - Crocodile Dundee 3, Junior Danny Devito - Deck The Halls, Junior LL Cool J - Toys, Deep Blue Sea Thomas Jane - LOL, Deep Blue Sea Vanilla Ice - Cool As Ice, TMNT2 Kevin Nash - Punisher: War Zone, TMNT2 Mark Ginther - Con Air, TMNT2 Let me know if you think of any more to add, and I'll update it if any new ones appear. Last Update: 05/05/15
  3. Shannon

    The Forum Forum

    Welcome to the forum for discussing the Earwolf Forums! This is the go-to place for help with problems or questions about the forum! Is your picture posting really tiny or not showing up at all? Need to delete a post? Can't find a certain topic? Wondering where to post about something? Here's the place to ask! I'll be checking this thread as often as possible and I'll keep it pinned to the top of the page for easy access. Just let me know what the problem or question is, and if needed please link the thread or post in question to make sure things are addressed asap. SPAM: Please flag spam messages using the "Flag as Spammer" button that appears when hovering over a username, OR click "Report" located at the bottom of the post. I will receive the notification and get that mess outta here as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: If you are having any problems with another user or notice certain people being a*holes do not post about it here. Send me a private message and we can deal with it from there mmmk? But that's totally not going to happen because everyone here is awesome right? RIGHT?! Happy posting my babies! I love you all
  4. The War of the Five Kings rages on in this installment of Shadow of The Dragon. An attempt by Robb Stark to secure the allegiance of House Greyjoy brings war to the North, and Stannis and Renly Baratheon's sibling rivalry turns violent. Meanwhile Joffrey Lannister's cruelty undermines Lannister efforts to secure King's Landing against an impending attack, forcing Tyrion Lannister to seek assistance from far flung Dorne. And as if that weren't complicated enough, an old force, long forgotten, returns to Westeros: Magic. Here on Howl
  5. Hey everyone! The Earwolf forums will be getting a facelift on July 4th that may result in the site being unavailable for a few hours. We also may need to make changes once the main update is done that could result in things looking funky for a day or two. But when they are back and running they will be all updated and new users will finally be able to join again! Thanks for your patience and get ready for the Earwolf Forums v2.0!!
  6. Shannon

    Earwolf LA Studio Tables

    Hi Earwolfen! As you may have seen on the Earwolf insta stories, we finally moved out of our old Hollywood studios today. So I remembered that I promised someone on Reddit table signatures forever ago! I actually took these pictures so long ago, that a lot of these have rubbed off or been written over, so that makes it even more time capsule-y. Enjoy!! Earwolf Loves You! PICS ON PICS ON PICS
  7. Marabel checks in with the neighborhood gals on their Complete Woman journeys. They practice roleplaying some common relationship scenarios, but things get frisky when a few very special guests crash their meeting. With: Amanda Lund, Stephanie Allyne, Angela Trimbur, Maria Blasucci, Mark McConville, Matt Gourley, James Bladon Here on Howl
  8. ATLAS OBSCURA, founded by Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras, is the definitive guide to the world's wondrous and curious places. In an age in which everything seems to have been explored, and in which there's nothing new to be found, they celebrate a different way of looking at the world. On May 30, 2015, Atlas Obscura Day, more than 150 hidden spaces around the globe were opened to exploration. This documentary, narrated by journalist-podcaster and Atlas Obscura CEO David Plotz, will take you to a few of those exceptional places, including a private concert from robot musicians, a visit with an artist known as "the Willy Wonka of Twin Cities,” and a look inside an historic surgical theater. http://howl.fm/audio/playlists/4426/atlas-obscura-day
  9. The wonderfully charming Matt Gourley (I Was There Too, Superego) joins Aaron and Kevin to investigate Season 5, Episode 3 of Columbo - “Identity Crisis." Together, they try to solve why Leslie Neilson won’t button up his clothes, what the phrase “bananaland” could possibly mean and why Columbo is sexually harassing under aged girls. Plus! The worst attempt at Chinese ever to be heard on an episode of television. Seriously, it must be heard to be believed. Here on Howl
  10. Bed is the ultimate safe space for a depressive, but unfortunately you have to leave it sometimes (or do you?). Jacqueline and Aparna have logged tens of thousands of hours lying motionless under a heavy duvet, just staring at the ceiling. In this episode they offer tips on how to physically remove yourself from bed or, alternately, how to channel the cosmic energy within to astrally project yourself to plains of existence far away from your dirty apartment. Turning on this podcast is the first step to starting a great day in this universe or the multiverse! Here on Howl
  11. Shannon

    Episode 2 - Tacos of Los Angeles

    On this episode of The Crawl, Zach & Jason take you on a taco tour of Los Angeles, answering questions like "What goes into making the perfect fishtaco?" and "Is it safe to eat raw seafood from a food truck?" It starts at Ricky's Fish Tacos and ends with what is possibly the best carnitas in the country. In between there's carne asada, more carnitas, guisados and more. Use the guide to go on the crawl yourself or just live vicariously through their journey. With special guest L.A. Magazine's 'tacorazzo" Bill Esparza. Here on Howl
  12. Julian's favorite person Karen Kilgariff stops by to interview the head pastry chef at Los Angeles hot spot Sqirl. Things really heat up! Here on Howl
  13. Jack Black and Kyle Gass are Tenacious D. For the last three years, they've staged a day-long celebration of live music and comedy known as FESTIVAL SUPREME. Here is your all access pass to go behind the scenes with musician Nick Thorburn (Islands, “Serial” composer) as your guide. First, we explore backstage at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, chatting with many of the incredible acts featured on the fest's four stages. Then, Jack and Kyle join us in the studio for some of their favorite moments and stories from the show. Many special guests, laughs, and surprises await… Here on Howl
  14. In this special "State of the Union," esteemed guests including actor Topher Grace, filmmaker FJ DeSanto, artist Paul Bateman and actress Jaime King join the panel to analyze where the Star Wars franchise has gone over the past 38 years...and where it may be heading, both narratively and as a brand, under Disney’s new ownership. Here on Howl
  15. Lead singer of the band Old 97's, Rhett Miller, wanted to know more about how his grandfather ended up owning the 1952 Dallas Texans—the worst football team in NFL history. But in making this documentary, and through interviews with his father and uncles, Rhett learns far more about his own family history. Here on Howl
  16. Deanna & Emily talk to the beautiful Manager of YouTube talent: Sarah Weichel. She teaches them about being a social influencer, the different kind of verticals on YouTube, and what kind of YouTube channel she would start. Sarah manages YouTube greats: Hannah Hart, Flula & Lilly Singh aka Superwoman and more. Plus, Sarah gives Deanna & Emily tips on how to work on their SEO (search engine optimization) for OMFG!
  17. In this debut episode, John explains the show and lets it rip. Here on Howl
  18. Shannon

    The Masked Engineer, Our Masked Friend

    SPOILERS!!!! Here is a video of the Jackal's reveal---
  19. Hey CBB fans! We are working on a CBB calendar and need some funny CBB-ish names for the following months. - April - May - July - Sept - December Hit us with your ideas! And happy almost Auggy-doggy!
  20. The delightful Katie Dalebout of The Wellness Wonderland joins Deanna and Emily this week to discuss some important issues including her experience with orthorexia, an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy. Deanna & Emily recall their relationship to food when they were in their 20's. And how now they worry more about #WRINKS and #CREASES then #CALS and #CARBS. Katie takes us through her journey and shares how she overcame her health obsession.
  21. Shannon

    Mail Returned to Sender

    Oh no! So sorry! The mailbox place moved down the street a few weeks ago! It's now... Earwolf Media, LLC. 5551 Hollywood Blvd, #66 Los Angeles, CA 90028 I will get this changed on Earwolf.com as soon as possible. So sorry for the trouble again
  22. This week, our beloved How Did This Get Made is celebrating 200 episodes! That's almost 8 years and an absurd amount of bad movie watching. We want to celebrate this milestone with all of you, the wonderful fans that keep it all going! Share your thoughts and stories and you could win a fun surprise, or get a shout out on the show! I'm sure you're all overflowing with feelings, so some points to help get you started... What was your first episode of HDTGM? Favorite catchphrase? A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) The episode you revisit the most The movie that you loved or hated watching How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff Let us know all or some or none of these things by posting here or sharing on any social media with the hashtag #HDTGM200 and let's all celebrate HDTGM!
  23. Shannon

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    Hey popping in this thread because I assume y'all will be active today... Paul is trying to find a post or user that has been tracking the total time of movies watched + podcast hours? Or something? If anyone can point us in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!!!
  24. Conan O’Brien really needs a friend. But does he need a podcast? Turns out he does. If only to find that friend. Conan’s bringing his favorite celebrity guests by the studio for some friendly conversations. In the meantime, he is joined by his dependable assistant Sona Movsesian, in an attempt to figure out why a venerable TV legend like himself might want to start a podcast in the first place. Is it really for the friendship, or just the fortune and glory? Or is it maybe to show everyone else just how wrong they’ve been doing it up to now? Weekly episodes start this fall. Subscribe now so you don’t miss the biggest podcast event of the year! TRAILER
  25. Shannon

    Pulled episodes, HDTGM

    Hrm, I am seeing the same thing. Unfortunately, I don't work on the Stitcher Premium team anymore so I have no info for you. But if you email support@stitcher.com someone over there should be able to investigate for you.