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  1. I discovered David Bazan through this show, and while I really like the album versions of most of his tunez, the i4h cuts are just the best--especially Wolf at your Door.
  2. Wuvved it. I've been a sickie-poo and this widdle podcast gave me some big waffies that made me forget about the hurties in my tum-tum. Tanks, buds.
  3. These are all my favorite humons! Charlie Sanders always ends up having to do some sort of spoken-word singing, and it is great every time.
  4. That was the best improv the show has done so far. So fantastic; right from the get-go there were so many running gags and games happening and it just built from there. The idea of having a box with "canadian healthcare" in it never stopped being funny for me. EDIT: It seemed clear to me that Belushi was doing an old Hurt's Don't-it? joke. "Do you want to be in this shot?" and then he takes a shot at him. Am I crazy?
  5. what the butt is wrong with this audience? Are they not aware that they're watching 3 improv masters? Did Jamie Flam open for them or something and kill the vibe? (he still does the Hollywood Improv, right? I'm behind on my LoShoPo's)
  6. I've never seen a live improv show, so I'd really like to sit in on an i4h. But yeah...it'd be hard to choose between that, CBB and HH. The hosts of all three of those shows are heroes of mine, and not just because they're all white males.
  7. JacobCrites

    Ask Paul!

    I'm a dumb hick from Ohio, so the only exposure I have to good improv is through podcasts (so thank you!). Prior to Spont, the only other improv-based podcast I listened to were Improv4Humans and Superego. I've noticed that the tone of the improv is typically broad and silly from the start, whereas typically with I4H and SE it starts more naturalistic and grows sillier as the game develops. Was this a conscious decision you made when thinking up the structure/tone of the podcast, or just something that happens naturally because of the vibe in the room? (This isn't a slam or anything, just an observation. I really appreciate this thread as someone who is interested in improv but doesn't have a lot of resources where I live)
  8. Has Paul never heard of A Bug's Life, or the much-worse Antz? Ants can be heroes, Paul. (And just to get ahead of this: I understand that it looks like I misspelled the word "ants," but that actually is the name of the movie. It's a very clever title because the main ant's name is "Z" and on the poster for the movie, Z--the ant--is holding up the letter Z next to the word Ant. That's how you know it's a funny movie.)
  9. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    Did you try to write F-word man but your iPhone autocorrected?
  10. Hayes, I promise you, if I ever start the podcast I've been wanting to start for years but haven't due to lack of determination, if I have you on as a guest, it'll be a smooooooth ride. It'll be like you'll be on a baby's bottom, that's how smooth it'll be. Also because the podcast is specifically about Baby's Bottoms. I'm thinking of calling it, The Baby's Bloomers Generation, or I Want My Baby Butts Ribs.
  11. This was a pretty bad list. The Wit and Wisdom of the West really should have been the answer to every category. At the very least you've got cooking, entertainment, arts, literature, comedy, learning, poems and observations humorous and otherwise...that's gotta be 24 topics right there.
  12. This was an interesting episode. I liked the guy talk; it was like hangin' out with my bros, just talkin bout chicks and they's parts, you know? But what it a funny episode? Yes. So it was also good.
  13. I wasn't complaining!
  14. ^ Yeah, I understand that podcast hosts don't give a fudge (and why should they?) but I find it fun to talk about the merits/problems with all forms of pop culture, including podcasts. Spontaneanation is a big one for me; some weeks I find it absolutely delightful. Some weeks I find it awful, unlistenable. People who get mad at the slightest bit of criticism...that's irritating. Yeah, it's free, but so is watching sports, and we still argue about that stuff.
  15. how many moms you got? i'm stuck with 5 smh
  16. Maybe friend me on facebook and find out, ya jerkbutt. Or not, because you're right, it's Clump Frights.
  17. If Matt Gourley is on, it's a pretty safe bet that there'll be some kind of play or musical number. Also, when are we getting an i4h crossover ep? I'm assuming, based on unfounded hopes and desires, that it's next week so please don't disappoint me.
  18. btw I don't feel like changing my actual facebook name, so just know that in my heart, for this month, my name is Jacob Frights (which is clever because it rhymes with my real last name)
  19. JacobCrites

    What film got you into the podcast?

    Green Lantern. I had just seen the movie and saw the episode on the Earwolf page. I hated that movie so much, and the promise of being able to share my hate with a podcast was appealing. Of course that episode has since been taken down, for no apparent reason. The second episode I fell in love with was The Smurfs. So, yeah.
  20. Did you ever hear about the time I was in Almost Famous? Welcome to WTF with Marc Maron.
  21. Lead my Rips: I did not have dislexual relations with that woman
  22. Polygon + The American Revolution
  23. I mean, the one dude's wife is pregnant, so I get that, but Savage's story was just "My wife is a model. And we met...and then we got married! *Sobsobsob**" Which isn't even a story. Dude needs to chill. But not netflix and chill, because his wife isn't there.