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  1. JacobCrites

    Episode 246 - Live from DCM 18

    I made a complete fool out of myself at work today trying to hold back my laughter. One of the best episodes ever.
  2. WTF with Marc Maron is not a funny podcast
  3. JacobCrites

    Episode 430 - Man Veils

    Ah, yep. That one's golden as well. Started laughing just thinking about it
  4. Sweat is a shameful thing. Sweat is your armpit crying from pubic sadness. Sweat is your middle-back weeping at only being able to see the inside of your cool t-shirt.
  5. JacobCrites

    Episode 430 - Man Veils

    That plugs theme was GOAT
  6. They have succeeded in making the most inaccessible, self-referential episode the show has ever done. And it is glorious.
  7. yo this is off-topic and late, but it really is effed up that Sean & Hayes haven't been on Spont
  8. I thought he was saying "Chris Gore," an idiot Besser had on i4h who thinks improv is lazy.
  9. If there is one person I hope becomes a Sharpling-esque regular on the show, it's ol' Matty B. His dynamic is perfect for the show. And was skewering Earwolf on I4H before it was cool.
  10. -I've wanted Matty B aka Prankmaster General aka Sexy Robot's Dad aka Case Closer on the show since episode one. The wait was worth it. -It was fun hearing Sean in such a good mood. Seems like he was nervous about Bat Messer being there -This post is sponsored by Improv For Comedy Nerds on the Earwolf Network. Every week Matthew Besser has on three other comedy nerds to discuss the latest songs by Matthew's favorite indie pseudo-country singer-songwriter, and sometimes they even do other things.
  11. hey guys didn't know if I brought it up or not, but I deleted facebook off the internet.
  12. this is a test to see if I can still post. I deleted my facebook account but I want to keep postin' on the ol' Earwolf. Send me your thoughts and prayers. EDIT: It worked. Save your thoughts and prayers for the next tragedy.
  13. http://pitchfork.com/news/57685-u2-announce-innocence-experience-tour/ Since the Scotts are likely going to the LA Forum shows, I think I'm going to make the trip and try to see at least two of the shows, in the hopes that perhaps the lads from LA will talk U2 to me (also because I'm a massive U2 fan and have never been able to see them in concert before) The bigger thing, I think, is the title. Bono has already said they are planning on releasing a second album, Songs of Experience. Does this mean we'll get another album? Does that mean we'll get more UTU2TM? Any of you peeps planning on going to any of the shows?
  14. so they are literally making teen pope
  15. That's what I was thinking.
  16. not to stir the pot, but this was better than the Hayes/Gethard ep.
  17. My favorite part of Jurassic Park is when the dinosaurs get so mean
  18. I'm relistening to every episode again. It honestly gets funnier every time. And yet I get sadder every time, as the realization that I listen to the same podcast over and over means I'm probably some sort of insane person with little meaning in his life. So mixed feelings.
  19. ugh I'm going to have to actually read this thread to understand it, aren't I?
  20. will they talk about Adam Sachs AKA Adam SACKED on next week's episode?
  21. This is some scandalous stuff. Feel hated by the boyz, but loved by Brett. Thanks for being there for us, you old hairy ape.
  22. JacobCrites

    Episode 423 - Time Bobby 4

    Does this mean Moynihan can finally play a different character? I love these three together but Fourvel really feels like he's run his course. This would be a fitting conclusion for the character (and, no Four-and-a-half-vel doesn't count)
  23. that was the best moment in the whole show EDIT: sorry for unfunny response to your funny post
  24. It's not a problem, because the show is brilliant. Over a hundred episodes in and there's no shortage of instant classics like this one. But is the show at all accessible anymore? In a "just jump in anywhere!" sense? Not really. You pretty much have to start with an early episode because even the ads that open the show are full of running jokes that would make absolutely no sense to a new listener. It's not a problem with the show. It's just a heavily serialized podcast at this point, moreso than any other talk show comedy podcast I can think of. I honestly view the show like Arrested Development or Kimmy Schmidt: you'll find moments funny if you just watch a random episode, but to see its true genius you have to start at episode 1.