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  1. I gotchu fam http://www.people.com/article/zendaya-julie-klausner-twitter-feud
  2. Man, folks be skimpy on the "likes" these days
  3. nvm did an internet search engine search and figured it out. sick burn, sean
  4. Incredible ep. BUT... I truly do not understand what Sean was saying with Julie feeling the sting of someone who's name starts with a Z...
  5. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 132 — Annaliese, Our Song Singer

    this was a wonderful, fun episode, but since Radiohead is doing things and I'm going on vacation, probably won't be here much this week or next. Try not to worry, though I know you will anyway. Bless your hearts.
  6. JacobCrites

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    Good on him, that podcast is unlistenable, and I say this as a fan of half the things in the title of the podcast. I'll leave you to decide which ones.
  7. JacobCrites

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    I am a star wars, which is why Mitch's inane ramblings about The Force Awakens make me want to kill myself more than I already always want to
  8. JacobCrites

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    My name is Jake so when I saw the ep this morning I got really excited and thought I was the guest
  9. JacobCrites

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    Every time god closes a door, I open a different door, a door that often leads to Iliza Shlesinger and what racist things she may have said.
  10. JacobCrites

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    It's the Seinfeld of podcasts!
  11. JacobCrites

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    Can some enterprising young boarder with more knowledge of 'puters than me edit together what the Jake & Amir segment would sound like if they actually edited it?
  12. JacobCrites

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    She said the word "retarded" in that episode, so if she's flippantly throwing around sensitive words, given the context that Hayes brought it up in the episode today, probably something racist-sounding. Why am I taking this so seriously? This ep was incredible. Immediately had to go back and relisten to the interview segment. It was exactly what I'd hoped for.
  13. JacobCrites

    Episode 131 - Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

    AND SO THE GREAT MYSTERY WAS SOLVED! EXHIBIT A: On the Clark Duke episode, Sean and Hayes implied that they had cut out a bit that a previous guest did (at the guest's request) because he/she felt it made them look bad. EXHIBIT B: On TODAY'S episode! Hayes, in the context of discussing racially insensitive bits, says that they can put in some "unused Isliza Shlesinger bits" from her episode to fill up the dead space of this episode. EXHIBIT C: ON THAT SELF SAME ILIZA SHLESINGER EPISODE! There is an awkward cut mid-conversation. Hayes clarifies that the engineer messed up the record. However, members of the HH forums, I submit that the mystery guest who demanded part of the show be cut out, is none other than Tissue Box Puppeteer: Iliza Shlesinger! The prosecution rests.
  14. JacobCrites

    Episode 130 - Mike Lawrence, Our Close Friend

    Just listened to the ep, finally. Man, I love a good "guest doesn't get the joke" episode. Especially when it's so bad that Hayes and Sean have to address it in the opening segment. I am curious as to how the guests are briefed on the premise of the show; like, my dream would them doing a commentary episode over the Pauly Shore one. But it seemed like Lawrence was at least a good sport about it by the end. EDIT: Now that I've read through some of the other posts, let me clarify: the episode was hilarious, and Mike was really funny in it. It's just always funny to me when the guest has a totally different vibe and doesn't go along with the premise. My favorite part was Hayes calling Chanson a "self-styled bully"
  15. I love it when I get to hear Sean laugh. Which is a creepy thing to say. But it makes me happy, because he's so good at holding back laughter. There was a lot of Sean laughing in this ep and it made me happy, all's I'm tryna say.
  16. For some reason this thing won't let me quote stuff, but I just want to take this opportunity to say to Scott: Maybe it's an Ohio thing, but everyone I know says "All of the sudden" and I was shocked the first time I read the phrase "All of a sudden" in a book.
  17. A Tom Sharpling ep! But it has Sean on it so it probably won't be very good
  18. SEVERELY under-appreciated joke: HAYES: This is not my kind of music, if you can even call it music. SCOTT: Yeah, put a C in front of it and you'll get my feelings on it HAYES: Cmusic SEAN: Chip chop
  19. Hopefully she'll be on next week since she flew all the way out there just for the show
  20. yeah yeah, good ep and everything, but man have you guys seen this Batman v Superman reviews??????????????????? I mean, critics don't like this huge, intentionally gloomy blockbuster movie directed by a director everyone hates!
  21. I give this episode three greggy's, 2.5 McGurls, six Agatas and a Chanson. Out of 100. Hey, you do the math. I'm not a scientist.