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  1. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    Dream list: -Adam Scott -Matt Besser -Amy Poehler -Ian Roberts -Horatio Sanz -Brett Gelman -Bobby Moynihan -Taran Killam -Alex, Greggy's kid
  2. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    Points EDIT: Crap. But you know what? No. I'm not going to edit in what I'm referencing. YOLO, beeyotches.
  3. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    He should show us his DEngler
  4. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    did anybody figure out who the jerk who took USB classes with Sean is?
  5. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    Two classics in a row, fam. What a time to be alive. Heh. I love the parlance of today's youth.
  6. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    These are the questions that keep me up at night
  7. Don't let bozos trick you into thinking he has the power to get you the pro version.
  8. lol what from your PERIOD?
  9. This just means we can have the I4H/Spont crossover I've always dreamed of since I was a little 50-episodes-ago year-old! From I4H we get Matt Besser and Sean Conroy. From Spont we get Cackowski and little Janet Varney. And then what we get is a good ol' time. This was still a great episode, though! Besser's interview was wonderfully insane.
  10. My heart SANK when Paul said Besser doesn't participate in the improv. I really hope he comes back on the show, that's such a shame.
  11. Guest, why do you even bother?
  12. this was an incredible episode
  13. JacobCrites

    Episode 229 - Filibusting

    I4H/Spont crossover needs to happen
  14. JacobCrites

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    a lot of people thought, even though super hero movies are the biggest movies in the world, they're just kind of dumb, silly movies. Deadpool showed everyone that these dumb, silly movies can also be gross!
  15. Can't tell if this is ironic of sincere, but either way I disagree, just to be safe.
  16. I miss the early eps when they had at least two opening bits before the guests. Now the opening bits are at most like 5 or 10 minutes. And they're still hilarious, I just don't necessarily find the interviews to be the best parts of the show. This show is bad, guys, don't listen to it.
  17. JacobCrites

    Ask Paul!

    Would you ever consider using different sources for scene inspiration, meaning other than a location?
  18. We should hide Maria Thayer from Benjamin Franklin Gates, because she is a National Treasure.
  19. going to see zoolander 2 tonight, anybody seen this thing? my expectations are pretty low, but they could be swayed to be lower.
  20. Is Montgomery's first name Guy? Because posting that was the worst idea of all time! only tru podcast fans will get this joke lol
  21. Nothing better than Sean getting fired up about hacky internet trends and movies.
  22. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 119 — Friends, Our Close Friends

    not even 15 pages, fellas. Used to be, a guy didn't check the forum over the weekend and he'd become back to 10 pages to read. Times've changed, I tells ya.
  23. JacobCrites

    Episode 400 - The War on Surfing

    This podcast has been 400 episodes of garbage. Like the band, Garbage. Which means it's great!