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  1. The only one that didn't feel like Best-Of material was the last sketch, the Tom Tom one. And it was still a good sketch. Truly one of the best podcasts in the history of the medium. Even the weak sketches are hilarious.
  2. JacobCrites

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    Challenge accepted.
  3. JacobCrites

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    That is a spectacular idea
  4. JacobCrites

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    WHAT. That is bananas. So is there going to be a year-long gap between when episodes 1 and 2 were recorded, or do we have a year's worth of unheard podcasts coming at us?
  5. JacobCrites

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    I've been obsessed with Harmontown's ongoing and hilarious D&D game, so I cannot wait to hear this. I've never played it, but listening to comedians play it is the best thing ever.
  6. JacobCrites

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    Yeah this was my number one for sure.
  7. I actually thought the Hunger Games movie was pretty brilliant. Those books just feel like they tap into the current youth culture of constant exposure to reality TV and violence-obsessed media, and it has a female lead that's actually believable and likeable; the movie had great performances and appropriately chaotic direction during the hunger games proper. In any case they're way more relevent and coherent than these Twilight movies. I can't follow of a single minute of them. Anyway, best line of the episode: "Baby puss."
  8. JacobCrites

    Episode 55 — Pussy Snacks

    Sean, I cannot thank you enough for recommending your podcast. It's incredible. I've been doubled over in laughter for like three hours now. That counts as exercise, right?
  9. JacobCrites

    Episode 188 — Attack of the Shits

    Truly a gift from heaven.
  10. JacobCrites

    Episode 55 — Pussy Snacks

    Hey, I have a horrible memory and it lead to a great sketch so it didn't bother me. Also downloading a few eps of The Long Shot. Always up for new comedy podcasts!
  11. JacobCrites

    Episode 55 — Pussy Snacks

    Oh man, that bit killed me. And the fact that he and Jewel were doing crack
  12. JacobCrites

    Episode 55 — Pussy Snacks

    Pussy Snacks is perhaps the greatest I4H sketch ever. Amazing job, guys.
  13. JacobCrites

    Guest suggestions

    Proops is one of the most quick-witted people on the planet; I'd love to hear him on I4H.
  14. JacobCrites

    Episode 16 — The Smurfs

    I think a more likely reason is that one of the gang is in the upcoming sequel.
  15. JacobCrites

    Episode 187 — Finger Chimes

    Great low-key, slowburn of an episode. Nat was perfect for the show (I'd love to hear him back) and diving into Lennon's character's backstory was hilarious (obviously Lennon should be back as well).
  16. JacobCrites

    Episode 16 — The Smurfs

    Can I make another even more reasonable request that you put it back up since it's perhaps the best episode of the show?
  17. JacobCrites

    Episode 185 — Cum Scanners

    Andy Daly's mayor of Hollywood isn't significantly less funny than anything.
  18. I must say the Campaign Commercial sketch today absolutely slayed me. My favorite bit from an excellent episode. So that'd be... Episode 54- Campaign Commercial
  19. JacobCrites

    Episode 54 — Why or Why Not?

    Dear Mr. Matt Besser, Today was one of the most bizarre and depressing days in recent memory, involving the seriousness illness of a very close family member. But at the end of this awful day, your show was able to make me laugh until my abs hurt, pull me away from the drama and allow me to find a bit of inner peace for awhile. Improv4Humans is always a weekly highlight, but this week it was genuinely meaningful to me. In other words, thanks, Matt. I needed this.
  20. JacobCrites

    Episode 54 — Why or Why Not?

    He will be fined with one punishment.
  21. JacobCrites

    Episode 186 — New York Mainstays

    I'm going to go ahead and say this is the best year of CBB ever. I can't remember the last time we've had a subpar episode.
  22. JacobCrites

    Episode 53 — Live from RIOT LA

    If God doesn't exist, then how do you explain the fact that we get two amazing I4H episodes in one week? Because that's a miracle.