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  1. JacobCrites

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    Idk, man. I downloaded this one first thing in the morning and started listening to it on my way to school without looking at the guests, and I had no idea that these people were characters for like ten minutes. And this is CBB! Marino just totally nailed the "dumb reality show contestant." I bought it. And for what it's worth, he just made me laugh. I don't really care if people stick to their same ol' shtick if it works. And his works for me.
  2. JacobCrites

    Batman & Robin

    In my opinion, it would be sacrilege to do a "Bad Summer Movies" series and not include this one. It is THE Bad Summer Movie, and it has never really gotten the level of scrutiny that HDTGM is so great at. Guys: DO IT.
  3. JacobCrites

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    I had to do some serious research to "get" this episode, but I think it was worth it. I mean, from my perspective, Clifton is a character that isn't supposed to be funny. He's supposed to screw with your mind. Kaufman was the ultimate prankster, and the fact that we're still confused by Clfton's presence means that he's a pretty amazing creation.
  4. JacobCrites

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Yeah but who wants to watch those movies again? Seriously, they're like three hours long and mind-shatteringly dumb. It would be torturous.
  5. I almost lost control of my vehicle and died today because I was laughing so hard at that amazing Speed Dating sketch. Possibly the hardest I've laughed at a podcast this year.
  6. JacobCrites

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    Same. Then I looked up the show and realized it's the best thing currently on the internet.
  7. JacobCrites

    Not Just For Daddy!

    Amazing. We need to get this thing thousands of likes. THOUSANDS!
  8. JacobCrites

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Also, I've got to say, I know why the gang doesn't do Adam Sandler movies; they're friends with the co-stars. I get it. But these movies NEED to be discussed. NEED to be. Do Click, at the very least--from what I remember, none of their friends are in it, and it's just as bad as his recent abominations.
  9. JacobCrites

    Bad Summer Movies!

    I would be truly bummed if the gang went for something as obvious as Indiana Jones 4 or Phantom Menace. We get it. Fans hated them. They're played out. And frankly no one will ever top Red Letter Media's reviews of those movies. Batman & Robin, however, despite being "obvious" has never really recieved the dissection it deserves. Everyone hates it, yes, but it truly is one of those How Did This Get Made? movies, and it deserves discussion that goes beyond "it sucks and it killed Batman movies for half a decade." Phantom Menace and Indy 4 are actually "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes. They have their supporters. But Batman & Robin is indisputably awful, and it's a movie where one can really learn something from a good dissection of its myriad of flaws. Not to mention it's actually an enjoyable watch--Star Wars and Indy are like friggin' three hours long and worst of all, boring. B&R is a bad movie classic of The Room and Birdemic nature. Not to mention it's a summer movie. Come on, gang. You've got to do it.
  10. JacobCrites

    Episode 39 — Godzilla

    Well now I officially have to watch this movie.
  11. JacobCrites

    Episode 162 — Best Bro Hang

    Already watched it Those guys are brilliant. Half in the Bag deserves more attention. They'd be great guests on HDTGM, come to think of it!
  12. JacobCrites

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Guys, this one is necessary: X-Men Origins: Wolverine. If you thought the computer in Speed 2 was ridiculous, there is a scene where an evil scientist (controlling a cyborg evil mutant guy with a computer) in order to kill Wolverine, literally types in the command "DECAPITATE" Here's an actual monologue from this script, apropos of nothing: WOLVERINE'S GIRLFRIEND: You know why the moon's so lonely? [Logan shakes his head. Kayla lies back, resting her head on Logan's leg as he plays with her hair.] She used to have a lover. Kuekuatsheu. They lived in the Spirit World and every night they'd wander the skies together. But one of the other spirits was jealous. Trickster wanted the Moon for himself. So he told Kuekuatsheu the Moon asked for flowers. He told him to come to our world and pick her some wild roses. WHAT?!
  13. JacobCrites

    Episode 39 — Godzilla

    I could not finish this movie. It's the first movie in HDTGM history that I simply could not finish. It LITERALLY was the most grating, awful thing I have ever seen. I thought the movie was over, and then I saw that there was an hour left. I skipped around and realized that the next hour would be literally the exact same crap that I had just endured. Also, I'm just going to say it: lizards don't eat fish.
  14. JacobCrites

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    Ken Marino's character work was genius in this one; great work by everyone, really. I especially loved how it all culminated in WYR, where Scott intentionally created scenerios that would be equally emotionally polorizing for his character.
  15. JacobCrites

    Episode 162 — Best Bro Hang

    Well, the fact is that Adam Sandler has been making despicable comedies for a long time now. It just isn't even shocking or noteworthy any more. It's a sure bet that he's going to make tons of jokes at the expense of old people, fat people, gay people, racial minorities...basically anyone but Adam Sandler.
  16. JacobCrites

    Episode 38 — Bad Ass

    The fact that people are complaining about an amazing interview with a great actor during what's usually a five-minute long Minisode is disgusting and ridiculous.
  17. JacobCrites

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Super Mario Bros. It's almost unwatchable for me because Mario was such a childhood icon for me and this movie destroys him, but it demands discussion, to say the least.
  18. JacobCrites

    Dragon Wars: D-War (2007)

    This is a must-see for bad movie-lovers. Can't believe they haven't done it on the podcast yet.
  19. JacobCrites

    Episode 38 — Bad Ass

    Trejo blew my mind. I came away from this with so much respect for him as an actor and a person. What an awesome dude.
  20. JacobCrites

    Episode 162 — Best Bro Hang

    This definitely felt like the Forte episode in that something was just off. Not bad, but off. It started off fun and it was still entertaining but the energy was just...weird. It hit a point where Adam started seeming genuinely douchey, bashing on Sandler when Andy's promoting his Sandler movie, and bashing on the very show he writes on. Even though I found the episode over all funny, it also made me like Palley a little less (especially after his Christmas appearance, which amounted to "I'm so hung over! Being drunk is funny, right?"). That's the first time this has happened for me. In fact typically Bang Bang makes me like comedians I normally would never listen to (like Nick Swarsdon). Not saying I now find Palley to be a putrid pile of garbage or something after this appearance; just that I found him a bit "meh."
  21. JacobCrites

    Episode 162 — Best Bro Hang

    I did find the "Oh I'll just take the VHS hands" bit funny...I guess I just had a hankering for some good ol' fashioned WYR.
  22. JacobCrites

    Episode 30 — Toast Points

    This show is on such a roll. Just when I thought nothing could top the Adam McKay episode, this one comes out and blows my mind. Easily the most consistently creative podcast on the internet.
  23. JacobCrites

    Just saw the first IFC episode

    I hate pretzels, but they have the best Pepsi.
  24. JacobCrites

    Episode 162 — Best Bro Hang

    This was probably the weirdest episode since...ever? There were things about this one that I completely hated, but I laughed the whole way through anyway. I was not a fan of Adam in no way trying to stay in character, and his complete unwillingness to play WYR, and I didn't think the show was any better for it. But it was still really entertaining, and as always, had me looking like a complete weirdo in the halls at school as I tried to contain my laughter. My main problem with it was probably just me being ignorant, but I had an incredibly tough time telling Bro and Andy apart--when they started getting into it, it was genuinely like the same person was talking. And yet once again, still a very funny episode, and the Woody Allen bit was bonus-clip worthy.
  25. JacobCrites

    Newcomer to Comedy Bang Bang

    Do yourself a favor and get any episode featuring Andy Daly and Jason Mantzoukas. Those two are insane together. And of course, the classic, Farts & Procreation. But everyone's going to throw out Andy Daly and Paul F Tompkins. A personal favorite of mine is Hologram Toes (http://www.earwolf.com/episode/hologram-toes/) Patton Oswalt is great, and it has one of the most under-rated characters in the history of the show: The Diner Marshal. And I'm qualified to make that statement because I have a blog on the internet.