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  1. JacobCrites

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    There is nothing funnier than Mean Scott.
  2. JacobCrites

    Episode 116 — Cartoons, Our Close Friends

    I think one day we should hang out in the Question of the Day forums. Change of scenery, you know? Just a thought.
  3. JacobCrites

    Episode 116 — Cartoons, Our Close Friends

    it's me, bjorkface, tryna get here on the first page like a real winner
  4. like wtf I come here to get away from body shame. Specifically for that exact reason alone.
  5. I was out of town this weekend so I can only assume I missed PCG questions, six call-in episodes and inside jokes that will continue forever that I'll never fully understand.
  6. My favorite Star Wars line is when Qui Gon Jinn says, "And I thought *my* butt hurt!" and Watto's all, "Buddy, you are truly [turns toward the camera and winks] one of a kind."
  7. Idk if I've been more open on these forums than I remember or I know you in real life, or you're a creep, but that is weirdly accurate.
  8. I like this guy, too. Between 311 hate and Congratulations love I think I give you an A- for the day. Or a C+, right guys? lolol
  9. JacobCrites

    Vote for Best of 2015

    If not a lot of people vote it's cool to just use my list or have Besser call me up and just ask me what the best scenes were, I legit don't mind.
  10. Dan DeaCon Airbud Not Buddy
  11. JacobCrites

    Vote for Best of 2015

    194: Scene 5, "Listener Question" 198: Scene 6: "Crap on Youtube" 199: Scene 6: "Twitter Suggestion." and Scene 9: "Let's Talk Some More About That" 200: Scene 2: "Intro Story" (Star Wars) 202: Scene 1: "Intro Story" (Fat Jew) 203: Scene 4: "Crap on Youtube" 204: (Really, this whole episode is perfect, BUT:) Scene 1: "Intro Story" and Scene 6: "WTF Is Going On?" 205: Scene 2: "Crap on Youtube" 207: Scene 3: "Twitter Suggestion" 208: Scene 5: "Twitter Suggestion" 212: Scene 4: "Let's Talk Some More About That Song" 214: Scenes 3 and 4 (Both Crap on Youtube) 215: Scene 4: "Let's Talk Some More About That Song" 216: Scene 4 "Let's Talk Some More About That" 217 218: Scene 3 "A Little Bit of Everything" (invitation to the invitation scene)
  12. I've heard of Tragedy Shame Shame, but Comedy Bang Bang?
  13. Podcasts are Wonderful, Trends and Chanson's Boat podcasts are getting all this love, meanwhile nobody listens to my show, Jakey Cake's Profile Picks: A Guide to Sporadic Forum Posting and Struggling to Define an Online Personality
  14. Jesus christ it changed back. What is happening to my life.
  15. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. I don't know what is even happening. I just logged in, and for no apparent reason my avatar has been changed to a super old Facebook profile picture. I have my account set up to link my FB profile, so it *should* be showing my current profile pic, but every once in awhile Earwolf will revert to an old one. Just a little inside baseball for y'all EDIT: I think I changed it? It's so weird, because when I go to change it, it shows my ACTUAL facebook profile pic, and not the one that shows up on posts. Life is tough, gang. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
  16. devscooots has no chill today
  17. Controversy: this is the hardest I've ever laughed at an episode of Hollywood Handbook.
  18. JacobCrites

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    Interestingggggggggggg, so no new user-submitted plug themes? EDIT: Nope, just got to the end. Rookie mistake, posting before finishing.
  19. Probably Kid Detectives or Too Much Tuna Tour. I love how gleefully gross both those episodes get.
  20. JacobCrites

    Best of 2015 Pt. 2

    Jew Jew Abrams
  21. The same value as a Frank Zappa album, judging by things he likes.
  22. what even is any of this?