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  1. JacobCrites

    Best of 2015 Pt. 1

    I don't think I'll ever get sick of that Adrian Brody video. It is truly the most insane thing I've seen a celebrity do.
  2. What if EW stands for Engineer Wins?
  3. Apparently Brett should just produce everyone's albums
  4. I had never heard of this band but WOW. I loved them. I immediately had to rewind and listen to Things Happen again. Just beautiful. Thanks for widening my musical horizons, Matt.
  5. This season/finale was so dern good. I can't think of a more likable final 3 in the history of the show (even though I still think doing final 3 is pointless. Wish they'd go back to final two since it always comes down to 2 anyway). But when Jeremy broke out the preggy card, it was game over. Kieth getting choked up during the finale gave me some real feels. And I felt vindicated in my notion that Savage is basically the biggest tool in the world. The dude wore a knit cap in tropical heat. There are 25 year olds who don't dress that young and hipstery. Good god.
  6. This has been just fantastic. I've listened to both parts several times now. Thanks so much for uploading these, they're super helpful for people like me who don't have a lot of improv resources in my immediate area.
  7. My face *literally* lit up when I see this lineup.
  8. Holy craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. So incredibly good. I want to know what name was bleeped out! (In all seriousness, I love that Sean and Hayes, and now this show, have been openly making fun of the whole Scripps thing.)
  9. This episode *still* hasn't shown up on Howl. Gotta love Howl.
  10. one day, by some miracle or the very hand of God, I will be on one of these call-in episodes.
  11. I've always said songs are just little podcasts with guitars
  12. Not sure if the video of this is still available anywhere, but if it is, I'd really recommend watching it (legally, of course). I was having a bum day, and it really brightened it, and not just because Paul falls out of a chair, which happens to THE BEST of us. The series of Andy Daly's characters' marriages is maybe my fave mome in the hist of this sh (show)
  13. how did "best demystification of hollywood" or whatever not go to HH?
  14. JacobCrites

    EPISODE 36 - A Dinner Theater

    I *just* finished watching The Jinx so that Robert Durst reference hit the spot.
  15. And I've been hugging spots on treasure maps and kissing cheerios!
  16. def not a fan of Sean saying that they're often not really into the show. Some peeks behind the hollywood curtain you can never unpeek. I didn't want to know that. I want to assume that Sean and Hayes are always having the best time of their entire lives during every podcast but now I know that they're merely miserable slaves to the powers that be.
  17. The game? It just changed, fellas.
  18. friggin call-ins, man. I guess it's just not meant to happen for me.
  19. what's the simpsoons?
  20. This is inflammatory and unreasonable and I don't think we should have to listen to this kind of slander.
  21. I'm still two episodes behind, but I hope the cast members say "this is my second chance!" more often. I keep forgetting what the name of the show is and it would be v helpful
  22. I loved that cast, but the sketches were always pretty lazy. Weekend Update was always a highlight, though. Seth and Amy were a great combo. I genuinely enjoyed "Really?" Maybe that's not cool, but guess what, NERDS is cool now and bleh blah blehhh.
  23. Really? I think it's a super cool and unique perspective on comedy and I'm glad it comes up literally any time SNL is mentioned anywhere.
  24. yep! I avoided the Trump episode obviously but this is actually a really good cast and the sketch writing is really solid-all around. The sketches are actually sketches, not loose concepts wrapped around dumb characters and impressions (they'll do those every once in awhile, but the Hayder/Wiig years were ALL that). Update is pretty bad, but mostly because of the hosts. The joke writing is still pretty good.