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    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    boy, wonder how long we're going to go without Hayes on a full episode. Show is still so good, though. Dom and Sean's interplay is incredible.
  2. Spectre is a very good movie, eff the h8rs bruh
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say RSS is legit
  4. Love iiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Man, Dan Deacon is so similar to Animal Collective. Which is made all the more confusing by the fact that a guy named Deacon is also in Animal Collective.
  5. JacobCrites


    LOL op thinks there are 38 m's in the word mississippi.
  6. JacobCrites


    Obama did give me a free job. I have to run his toothbrush under water every night before he goes to bed so Michelle thinks he brushed his teeth.
  7. JacobCrites


    pretty sure you're wrong, friend.
  8. very good advice. I know sometimes even I, Jacob C, forget that it's not all about the money.
  9. Hey, tour de force awakens, amiright?
  10. 1. Good puppets 2. Good show 3. Good birthday to Chanson
  11. Any of you guys listen to James Bonding? Alie and Georgia are bummers, huh?
  12. You know it's gonna be good when the description alone makes you laugh.
  13. This week I learned that parents love their kids. It was hard to understand, but Jeff kept asking contestants who are parents to explain it, so eventually I got it.
  14. Hey, real talk, that whole thing on Eddie Murphy's Raw is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. My throat was raw from laughing so gash-dorn hard!
  15. suicide house is good. sorry you guys hate good comedy #sorrynotsorry
  16. if you like bad bands
  17. I'd say he's more vibeshack, with a little bit of quaffrock.
  18. idk, this is my first time listening to this show and I'm enjoying it. But my favorite thing is boring things so maybe that's why.
  19. Now with 50% less racial sensitivity, welcome to Comedy Chang Chang
  20. The episode Siemon was referencing where Besser mentions the "Entering From The Rear" song is one of my all-time favorites, so I've listened to it a bunch. I was thrilled to hear Besser call back to it. And I was shocked to hear that it's not only a real song, but Besser's recollection of the melody was spot on. It sounded so ridiculous that I genuinely thought he was making it up or over-exaggerating.
  21. Daaaaang Keith was da real MVP this ep. He's playing a pretty awesome game--he's so unassuming and chill that he doesn't ruffle any feathers at camp, and his old person-ness is distracting people from the fact that he's a pretty legit physical threat at the challenges. To vent a bit about last week's, since I was out of town: Frankly I'm not sure why on earth they didn't vote Abi out. At one point Tasha said she "didn't want to vote her off based off an emotional decision." WHY NOT? Abi will sure as heck vote you out based on an emotional decision. I understand you want the numbers, but man, she's dangerous to keep around. She will start violently hating you for absolutely no reason and completely change on a dime at tribal because of a pleading speech. That's scary. This week: Monica, I basically didn't know you existed until tonight. GG. I feel like Kellie (I refuse to say "Wigglesworth; it's so cumbersome and ridiculous, it's actually starting to drive me crazy every time somebody calls her that) got botox on one half of her face or something. She looks awful. It's also insane to me that Fishbach's head wasn't even near the chopping block, considering he contributes nothing at camp and completely blew the challenge for them. Vapid, gross takeaway from this ep: Tasha be lookin' good in that bikini.
  22. The improv segment nearly brought me to tears with laughter. Jeremy Carter is such a perfect fit for this show. I hope he's on again before too long! People complaining about GMOs definitely does not bum me out. It doesn't make people come across as rich white weirdos who are completely out of touch with real problems.
  23. yo, legit man, that was the biggest LOL of the ep for me.