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  1. Mr. Paul PFT F Tompkins, I beseech you/thee:


    Please have Sean and Hayes on the show with the same regularity as Little Janet Varney, Craig Cackowski, or yourself, the latter of whom seems to be on every episode. Sean and Hayes bring me great joy, as does your show, so you can imagine the magnitude of the two joys combined. If you can't imagine it, I'll tell you: it's twice the amount of joy.


    Sincerely, your internet commenter,


    Jacob C

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    Sean did too.


    You might not have noticed this because it's really subtle, but I think Sean actually didn't want to say those mean things about Suicide Squad but just said them because he was forced to by someone who had taken something from him. That's as much of the mystery as I've uncovered so far.

    I didn't really get that from the episode, sounds a little reachy but like okayyyy

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