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    well i'm not sure if you're up to date on Best Show, but he's been doing a feature every show called "Who Sucks in Podcasting", and it has been dead on every week. Kevin Smith Fat Man Bat Man, the Vulture's TV podcast, and another garbage one. But then yesterday he gave it to Doughboys


    i love it, it's like when Nas and Jay-Z beefed or like when Darth Vader and Luke fight...they're both good guys but like one of 'em has to win, right?

    Good on him, that podcast is unlistenable, and I say this as a fan of half the things in the title of the podcast. I'll leave you to decide which ones.

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  2. @Jacob C


    Love the conspiracy! But what would be so bad they have to cut it out? Now I want to know that! Your only opening doors we can't shut.

    She said the word "retarded" in that episode, so if she's flippantly throwing around sensitive words, given the context that Hayes brought it up in the episode today, probably something racist-sounding. Why am I taking this so seriously?


    This ep was incredible. Immediately had to go back and relisten to the interview segment. It was exactly what I'd hoped for.

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  3. Just listened to the ep, finally. Man, I love a good "guest doesn't get the joke" episode. Especially when it's so bad that Hayes and Sean have to address it in the opening segment.


    I am curious as to how the guests are briefed on the premise of the show; like, my dream would them doing a commentary episode over the Pauly Shore one. But it seemed like Lawrence was at least a good sport about it by the end.


    EDIT: Now that I've read through some of the other posts, let me clarify: the episode was hilarious, and Mike was really funny in it. It's just always funny to me when the guest has a totally different vibe and doesn't go along with the premise.


    My favorite part was Hayes calling Chanson a "self-styled bully"

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  4. Ugh, Hayes and Sean are some of the hackiest comics around. Their routines are hot hehorned message comedy garbage that appeals to rando humor demographics.Every time they try to convey a message through one of their far fetched monologues on a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE it induces pure cringe because, unlike a Tom Scharpling, they fucking bomb at nuance or doing justice to any of their issues. Their delivery is clumsy too/. Stop trying to make them a thing, Scott.


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