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  1. Real sad to hear Scott's clear acceptance that the S3 DVD shan't see the light of day, worse given how much time they gave to extras yet again. Also guessing Anchor Bay will not bother with Birthday Boys S2 either.

    International fans will have to live with hitting up US netflix from time to time for marathons.

    Still, new Odenkirk movie is coming!

    Right? That means we won't hear the origins of Jarles!

    Which will only make his legacy that much more mythical.

  2. That show is spectacular. Every episode this season has been so good. And I bet none of them will be nominated for Emmy's. Carrie Coon, Amy Brenneman, and Regina King have been blowing my mind this season.

    It will be a crime and declaration of war if none of the actors/actresses on this show get nominated. All the ones you just mentioned are incredible, and I think after last night's episode Justin Theroux deserves a nomination...for hottest sad guy in the universe.

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  3. Earwolf Podcasts:


    1. Hollywood Handbook

    2. ADPPP

    3. Comedy Bang Bang

    4. I'm feeling really lonely lately, and I've just been watching James Bond movies and playing videogames while listening to podcasts to kind of drown out the depression.

    5. U Talkin U2 To Me

    6. Improv4Humans

    7. How Did This Get Made

    8. Haven't had a girlfriend in over a year now which is starting to bum me out

    9. Spontaneanation

    10. We're all just slowly dying, wondering why

    11. Jk I am depressed but it's not that bad tbh


    Non earwolf podcasts:

    James Bonding, Serial, Long Shot Podcast, We Hate Movies

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  4. I'm getting worried Paul (FT) is starting to crack from having to repeat the premise of the show and button explanations every episode.

    I think if they just jumped into the improv, new listeners would be able to follow along just fine after a couple minutes. I used to find the flashback/jump forward sounds a little too similar (They could use the cut-to sound for everything, to be honest. It's the same sound they use in 30 Rock for cutaways and flashbacks and flashforwards) but I quickly got used to it. I think in a way the explanation makes it more confusing sometimes, actually.

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