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    Episode 93.5 — Minisode 93.5

    The hashtag precedes the movie being titled Tusk - it goes back to when this was all just a crazy podcast conversation between Kevin Smith and Scott Moisuer (sp?). That eventually ended with Smith asking people to tweet #walrusyes if they thought he should make the movie and #walrusno if they didn't. Didn't mean to get long winded - just thought I'd de-lurk since I had that bit of info in my brain.
  2. Wanted to de-lurk and say that I have listened to this episode three times in a row already. With so many other great podcasts, usually only PFT gets that sort of love. *grins* I just adore so many things about the banter between all of them - I'll probably keep this one in constant rotation.
  3. I completely second that, greggy. Even with no guest, I think The Players Club episode this week is tied for my favorite (best of this season being PFT, naturally) just because you can here how much fun they are all having.
  4. teaandhoney

    Episode 188.5 — Sklarbro County 93

    I had to de-lurk in order to leave a comment to say how much I laughed at Dan's spot on impression of, just sort of general, Toby Keith songs. And, of course, I found Jackie Kashin delightful - she fit in so well on County.
  5. teaandhoney

    The Medalion

    I tend to just take Jackie Chan movies for what they are - a fun watch with lots of cool martial arts but never really much there when it comes to dialogue or plot. But this movie. Whoa. Seriously, I couldn't believe some of the lines that came out of people mouths. And the "physical comedy" of the poor comic relief guy just made me cringe in sympathy every time. There is also a bizarre heavy-handed, yet inconsistent, use of slow-mo throughout it. When the movie ends you're left feeling frustrated confused and oddly angry. And I think it's supposed to be a comedy - it's labeled as such anyway. All in all, I think it would make a pretty good candidate for "How Did This Get Made", I think that's probably the only way I'd feel better about having watched it.