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    What Horror Movies Should The Gang Do In October?

    MotorboatJones took the words right out of my mouth. In fact, I second his nomination. Fucking too the words right out of mouth! Halloween III: Season of the Witch is soo crazy, I don't recall EVER watching it. It wasn't till watching history on John Carpenter they brought the movie up. Ever since I was seven, I thought Halloween 4 was three. If that doesn't wet your whistle, lets do a three-parter and Halloween 4&5 then bitch about 6.
  2. So, how is the Summer Movie League going for everyone? Not a member? Where have you been? We have our own league! Click here: http://summermovieleague.com/ & sign up...hurry! The summer is almost over! Our league's name is: How Did This Get Made As for me, I started at 978 and I'm in the top 30! Paul said something about a prize... I don't remember. Anyone have any regrets? I know I do. Really thought that "End of the World" movie would be the hit comedy that everyone would run to this summer. I guess its gonna be a movie we'll discuss on this show...hint hint!
  3. LaKeishaShurn

    The First Annual HDTGM Awards

    There should be a category called: Biggest Let Down! Movies that had serious hype and then pissed on your weekend!
  4. LaKeishaShurn

    The First Annual HDTGM Awards

    B) How about the "Fockers" or Faukers (stay away from any copyrights )? You know, since most of this shit has Literally fucked up our movie going experience. Which could be a good euphemism; either positive or negative depending on how you use its part of speech. B)
  5. LaKeishaShurn

    Episode 31.5 — Minisode 31.5

    I had to search really hard for the T-shirts...so here's a shortcut if anyone else wants to cut their time in half! Jason Oda (Bai Ling...Inspired by Crank) http://starvingeyes.com/temp/t2.jpg Danielle Deley (Oh boy, oh boy...) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150531640073657&set=o.112041552195343&type=3&theater
  6. LaKeishaShurn

    Episode 31.5 — Minisode 31.5

    Yay! I was mentioned! It would be cool if I could hold HDTGM in my house...but I'm sure its too small. Something can be worked out.
  7. Just watched Trespass, or should I say - I just yelled at my tv and put it on time out. I can't begin to to tell you how or what is wrong with that. For starters, why is everyone running down the stairs? If you intend to rob someone, why do you take off your mask? Who the fuck took credit for the back ground plot? Seriously, no spoilers - Am I the only one who notice huge missing senes from the story line? Especially at the beginning when Nicole Kidman is running out the house....did anyone see that? PLEASE CHECK THAT SHIT OUT! There is a point where there's just too many cooks in the kitchen. I could have done without the coked up hottie and the random party with the lame-ass extras from an American Idol audition. I never got up or left from my seating position, but I may as well have gone down stairs and made a pie! Where did the fucking plot go? I know NOTHING about how to make a movie, and neither did these guys. Its just as Paul said, since this is adapted (and I use that term very freely) from spain, perhaps it was in spanish and this was all the writers could put together. Holy Snikies! This looks like a term paper that you had two months to turn in and you were like, "oh yeah, I got time". Suddenly, you wake up from your drunken haze and its two days before its due and you're stuffing different points-of-view from your friends off of Facebook and trying to formate something. Am I missing anything?