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  1. AndresFernandoMazuera

    Episode 218 — The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!

    Instant classic episode
  2. AndresFernandoMazuera

    Episode 2 — Roll For Your Fate

    i was waiting for this all week too! love it
  3. AndresFernandoMazuera

    Episode 34 — Eric the Paid Intern

    Episode was cool. Eric the Intern was good as a nice long bonus episode. It worked, for me, because his awkwardness actually had a chance to breath. Sometimes when he comes on it stops the momentum of the show sometimes. Usually hit or miss. But this specific episode even allowed us, the listene,to hear you and the guests honest bewilderment at his responses. It was great hearing your frustrations. Plus your realization, over and over, that he means well.... I say bring him back like this. Store up a few stories and improvs with Eric, and then release it as a bonus when you have about an hour and twenty worth of material.
  4. AndresFernandoMazuera

    Guest suggestions

    Bring back Andy Daly!!! Does anyone from Reno 911 do improv? Yes! Lennon or Keri
  5. AndresFernandoMazuera

    Episode 4 — Special Nerdist Edition

    Funny funny episode