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  1. that last post was basically "depressed stoner watches netflix docs and flails"
  2. meatbrett

    Did you see this? Scott's yearbook on ebay?

  3. I broke and hit up my delivery service and got 3 vape cartridges of bootleg jenkum ass vape juice. I made it last about 2 months. I'm stopping smoking again. Day 2. Sleeping without smoking is really difficult, but I'm hoping that fades eventually. Since getting back on the devils lettuce I've stopped exercising, gained a little pot belly, gotten almost no animation done, eaten tons of sugar, gotten some gnarly adult acne, and started feeling hopeless again. I feel like this was necessary to make me quit a second time and take it a bit more seriously. Work is getting sketchier. Chicago is getting sketchier. Earth is getting sketchier. I want to be healthy and prepared for whatever fucked up things come my way at work or on the bus. Every day I see the junkies coming from the west side and I can't stop wondering what if that was me? What if I grew up in bumfuck Ohio and got into heroin instead of weed and acid? I could easily be one of these junkies on the bus with rotting hands and feet. A sobering thought. I've been saving so much money during the pandemic that my dream of living alone in the middle of nowhere is seeming more realistic all the time. I wouldn't go full unibomber, but part of me believes he may be a kindred spirit. His ideas of completely abolishing tech and his terrorist approach were really stupid and possibly rooted in mental illness, but the guy had a lot of good ideas. He saw thorough the bullshit of consumerism, classism, narcissism, and capitalism, which is more than 99% of Americans can say. I keep recommending his manifesto to coworkers but I don't think they're feeling it ctfu. Making slow and steady progress on the latest animation project. Feels good. Just need to wrap it up and do sound. If I can animate, work out, get my head right, I think I could buy a home and start a family within a few years. That's a big if, but it keeps me going. I just watched The Last Dance and I think Mike inspired me to be more focused and more of an asshole. Thanks Mike
  4. What a fucking month. Last Saturday I went to the protest at Trump Tower and watched as all of downtown Chicago was smashed and looted. I saw the poor people take over the neighborhood, completely overwhelm police, and loot. It was incredible to watch the people overwhelm the police and snuff out the illusion of power so quickly. I saw cops beaten and attacked, but I didn't shed a tear because I'm aware of the crimes against humanity committed by CPD regularly. I'll never forget when a friend educated me about the Homan Square blacksite when I was about 19. A loss of innocence there. I've been doing pushups and sit ups every other day, trying to eat more, and stopped smoking weed for the time being. Not smoking makes it harder to finish meals, so I might jump back into that. I'm starting to see small gains and feeling better about serving these rich people after the poors rose up and wrecked their shit. I'm starting to feel a little more hopeful that this grotesque wealth gap can begin to close. Still getting occasional chest pains from stress over the virus, but I'm not alone there.
  5. Everyone's been working out so much during quarantine and I'm starting to feel bad about being skinny again. I've always been skinny, and in my 20s I really didn't care at all, but now at 32 I'm starting to feel that my once in a lifetime opportunity to have a hotter bod might pass me by. I work in a really wealthy urban neighborhood and ever single customer is so fit. Every mom has yoga pants and a tiny waist, every dad is jacked. I feel weak. Weak because I'm skinny, weak because I'm poor and serving them as an essential worker while they go back to their million dollar high rise condos and chill on paid vacation. I tried doing some push ups this morning. Let's see how long I can keep that going
  6. My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack.
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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This guy has 237 videos of A+ material http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37JTaMpMNZ4&list=UUCUYC2qeqaZ2gJ9hchmVrKQ&index=6
  8. Oh yeah the coolest beer I've ever drank in a social setting was probably SIMPLER TIMES. You can buy it at Trader Joe's.
  9. I'm going out tonight and I'm bringing a few pretty cool beers. I really hope someone tells me "Hey man, cool beer." You smell me?