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    I definitely want to try this out!
  2. We will miss you Harris. At least we will always know U2 was your favourite band.
  3. DavidBurnham

    Author character from old episode?

    Oh boy! Thanks Foam Corner! That segment is a deep cut. It's much shorter than I remember it, but still hilarious.
  4. DavidBurnham

    Author character from old episode?

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I think this was an older episode (CDR days). I remember the character being an author, and the story just being full of cliches. I could very well be just remembering an episode with a Mike Detective segment... For some reason, I didn't think it was though.
  5. Hey guys! I need some help remembering an old episode. There was this author who read excerpts from his god awful mystery novel. I don't know who played him. Does anyone else remember this guy? Can you give me an episode #?
  6. DavidBurnham

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    This is my favourite fucking podcast! I can't even get through my homework because I'm laughing too hard all day at university.