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  1. 100-meter butterfly isn't as cool as the name implies. #London2012

  2. My song "Something To Plug" was played at the end of episode 169 of @ComedyBangBang with @ScottAukerman! Give a listen http://t.co/KJdwmahS

  3. Happy birthday to the "Michael Jordan" of basketball. #MichaelJordan

  4. Hey, the new site for my film @reneethemovie launched today! Check out never-ever-before-seen photos & videos at http://t.co/9oKC4gAG #Renee

  5. Jeez. That's a good question . I can't remember. Any help? @Cinderoni: But Intern Steve was the father of the baby, right?

  6. For those of you who were going to the bathroom during my @JackBox commercial, you can see it here!: www.marrybacon.com

  7. I just got my @LAClippers tickets. Bandwagon, consider yourself jumped...on...to.

  8. I would have called it a "Debra." RT @abc7: Woman buys zebra-donkey or 'Zonkey' for son http://t.co/Y9v6ZIoI

  9. Possibly on February 9th! RT @vicaloo5: just saw you in a commercial and said "hey its steve the intern!" Are you ever coming back to greys?