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  1. Hot - Slunch

    Episode 12 — Airport Pat Downs

    Hilarious episode, my favorite improv4humans yet. Brett Gelman, NBA references, a Zyclon B joke, and interwoven scenes throughout, fuck yeah! A note for Besser: Yes Jordan was being called the greatest by quite a few people before the championships. I have a Pistons/Bulls game from '89 on my computer in which the commentators call him the greatest ever. I believe there are earlier examples but I can't cite them off the top of my head. The championships just made it official for a lot of people, and more acceptable to say. Keep up the awesome shows!
  2. Hot - Slunch

    Episode 137.5 — Best of 2011 Pt 2

    That's definitely in my top 10 episodes list. Pastor Phelps killed me.
  3. Hot - Slunch

    Episode 5 — Gelmania V

    Is there a wallpaper size version of the new Gelmania album art? Please say yes...
  4. Hot - Slunch

    What guest do you want to see?

    Dream guest: Norm MacDonald. I'm sure there are mutual acquaintances, he lives around LA, did WTF/Stern/Dennis Miller, and he's one of my idols. Another interesting guy is Josh Gardner. He's the man behind 'Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust' and 'Saul of the Molemen'. I've never heard much about him, but he worked with Kimmel and I believe is still around LA. That would be awesome. As for a pairing of previous guests I'd love to see: Harris Wittels + Marissa Wompler. I think that would be an instant classic. I'd also like a Dov Charney + Marissa Wompler episode...
  5. I'm really new to photoshop, but figured I'd give it a go.