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  1. It was really cool how Esposito made a big deal about what pronoun to address Jenner with, only to flip-flop and change the pronoun to the other side in the middle of the episode. Very progressive. You can really feel the tenderness and care.


    I also liked when she undercut the dicks being useless conversation by acting like the guys started it, except she did.


    Oh and the super fun part where the fan came up with the fairly interesting Gemini/two personalities comment and she immediately no-butted it by saying 'that's not how transgender works'.

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  2. This was great. I could listen to this stuff all day.


    Ian's views are totally in sync with how I see this stuff. The rules get people on the same page, they develop your skills, and then if you're good enough, you'll be good enough to break the rules. That's how everything works.


    You can't just waltz in and be a game changing, transcendent person. Most people aren't. No school should expect that, or base their teaching strategy around the idea that everyone has that special thing. It's a waste of resources and effort.


    The UCB seems to have a pretty flawless system in terms of streamlining and freedom.




    Now it's just me, but instead of that boxing analogy I would've gone with more basketball (even though he said he only watched briefly). Basketball is both individual, and team based.


    There are so many fundamentals that you need to learn to be successful, but when you're good enough you can ignore them and actually benefit. Take Rajon Rondo for example. His basketball IQ is next level. He sees the court and passes masterfully. Yet when he takes a layup, he takes off on the wrong foot, which throws the defense off. Something so subtle can throw the defense (audience) while scoring (getting a laugh).

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  3. I wanna take care of this. Does anyone have a good picture of Scott that they themselves took and thus own the rights to? If you'd be willing to release such a pic into the public domain or license it under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY or CC-BY-SA) PM me and I'll help you get it up to replace "Husky Scott." Let's spruce up this fucking Wikipedia entry, for Chrissakes.




    Put the old picture back up.



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    I think he/she was attempting to parody the Jade Helm conspiracy theories.


    Judging by the responses to HOWL on Reddit, I think it's the last place Earwolf wants its fans going. If you thought people were freaking out here... on Reddit, well, it was x10.


    Oh, gotcha. I hadn't noticed a shift towards reddit, but I haven't exactly been keeping up with the forums. It seems like I've been had.


    Sorry- I'm kind of super busy today, but just wanted to address this - it's not business spin, it's what made me feel better about taking episodes down. It's a real problem that we've heard about for a while, and have been discussing internally for as long.


    The more episodes we accumulate, the more clutter there is. It may sound counter-intuitive to you guys (cause you're such good fans, you have accounts here!), and it's weird to say, but having less choice makes something more popular. Like In 'n' Out Burger!

    Thanks for the response, Scott. If that's the way the data shook out and it assuaged your apprehension of the episode removal, I can't be mad at that (not that I was).


    You're right, it is weird that having less choice helps popularity... People be crazy.

  6. Is no one going to bring up the fact that they are also trying to migrate us away from the forums and use the Reddit subforum instead while they shut these forums down?


    Edit: I may have been had! I'll leave this as is, for no reason.




    What a long strange trip it's been... Nice knowing y'all.


    I'm not going to reddit. (Not that anyone would care about my absence) I started posting here because of the ease of grabbing an episode and clicking through... Plus the hands on host interaction with a small community was unique.


    Reddit has no appeal to me.

  7. I'm going to try and clarify what I believe is people's issue with the paywall/back episodes. Nobody on the forum has quite put it in a way that would illuminate the issue, at least as far as I see it.


    Most of us have been fans for quite some time and we're accustomed to the easy access of past episodes. Why download and store them if earwolf is hosting the episodes and we can re-download or stream them at will?


    People naturally felt ownership over the podcasts because the access was unrestricted and on their own terms... For years. Now the archives are going without too much of a warning. It's like they're being taken away from you.


    This transition feels abrupt and a tad dirty; like long time fans are, to quote Mr. Show, 'Gettin' The Shaft Again'... Although I understand the rationale from the business side of course. I just think that a bit more of a warning for the hardcore fans would've probably eased things from that perspective.


    I've spent hours today making sure that I had my own archives of i4h, CBB, and HDTGM. Luckily, I had about 60% saved already because I'm crazy and had a feeling something like this was an inevitability.




    Although I'm not buying the app at this time, I hope that episodes are still downloadable to keep for those people. I know that's a big issue for me. I don't like the idea of losing everything if you let your subscription lapse.




    I also have to call a spade a spade regarding one thing mentioned in the thread. The large back catalogue of episodes isn't an impenetrable wall to new fans. That's pure business spin for 'we're now charging you money for this content under the guise of benefiting new fans'.




    I don't mean to sound like an ungrateul jerk, but I felt like sharing my opinion.


    I'm still here supporting the shows. I hope earwolf and the comedians make money. I'm pretty sure all fans want that. We're all on the same side in the grand scheme of things.

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  8. I should also say that there's a huge difference between saying a certain thing made you feel a certain way, and declaring a thing to be a certain way because of what you felt.


    Everyone is totally fine to hear that song or Tim's joke and feel whatever they feel... However, just because you feel that way doesn't make your opinion gospel to everyone else.


    These things turn into a game of telephone. One person writes a shitty thing about somebody being racist, because they didn't get a joke, and it can totally ruin a person's career.


    Inflammatory and exciting words grab readers, so these people immediately grab onto the most negative and simplistic words they can to get views.


    What would garner more hits:


    A. The ramifications of 9/11 and George W. Bush's involvement in Iraq




    B. Did George Bush start the Iraq war because of his dad?




    What the hell was I talking about?

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  9. Great episode. Always fun to hear Mookie and Stephanie. That porn scene was awesome.


    Please tell me that Chad Carter will be on the DCM NY show! He hasn't been on in a long time.


    Matt repeatedly insists that we need to put these (Kozelek/Meadows') comments in context, and think about the intent behind them, but he's actually overemphasizing the importance of intent. The critical issue is not what they meant, but how these comments are heard.


    People are hearing things wrong. That's on the dumbdumbs listening, not necessarily the people saying them.


    If they aren't grasping what's being said, then they shouldn't be spouting off about it.


    It's a free podcast; its's an open forum. The only people who are worked up are the people who are rushing to defend Armen's lack of talent.


    And what you're suggesting runs afoul of the Supreme Laws Of Earwolf Forums. We are actually not allowed to say anything that can be construed as being "negative" or else we're "assholes" full of "hate".


    Stop being such an insufferable cunt.

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