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  1. I'm not going to lie, I'm also weirdly drawn to the kid rapping stuff. About a year ago I went into some shitty hipster store where none of the music or books were alphabetized or categorized, and I heard this song on their radio where kids were rapping about going to the beach. It had to be around the same time as the 'Cars That Go Boom' song you guys talked about.


    My friend asked the name of the band, the guy haphazardly said the name, then my friend told me. As you'd expect, like a game of telephone the name was wrong and I've never found it.


    This just popped into my head again because of this topic. Kid rappers Kriss Kross (backwards clothes gimmick, obviously cool) did a rap about the Rugrats for some Nickelodeon tape:


  2. Allright this is driving me crazy. I've only ever heard it pronounced MAR-ee-o. Most people on the show pronounce it that way but June and Paul keep saying Mary-o. What is the deal?


    June and Paul are both from/grew up on Long Island if I remember right... So, possibly a New York thing?


    Mantzoukas and Slate are from around Boston.

  3. Or... The fact that NBC picked up more episodes of Go On, so Brett is working all the time. It's difficult to write a ton of podcast segments when you're on set 12 hours a day.


    Have faith in the process, and ye shall be rewarded with more Gelmania.

  4. My opinion:


    Blackface is only racist if you're using it to mock black people. Robert Downey Junior in Tropic Thunder and Fred Armisen playing Obama is not racist.


    If you think it is, then by that logic you must think it's racist for Eddie Murphy, the Wayans Bros. or Dave Chappelle to play white characters; Or some white guy like Chris Lilley to play Polynesian and Japanese characters.


    It's all in the context... A white guy playing Michael Jordan could work equally well with or without makeup, depending on the writing and acting. Outside of the art world though, I'd say it's best to avoid it. You don't want to dress up like Omar makeup and all, and get the shit stomped out of you.

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  5. Why is it okay to write/transcibe in AAVE if its academic sociology/some famous creative person like David Simon and not in other cases? These hosts aren't the best at explaining the reasoning behind something & making it make sense


    I'm assuming they mean it like:


    David Simon/Scripts - People speak that way, and if that's how you want your script to be read you have to write in slang.


    Academia - There are plenty of ebonics/vernacular/slang classes, and classes that study how language changes over time. Slang in a class like that is very important.


    In the case of a court stenographer, or an FBI intelligence conversation logger. They should write in proper English. It'd be a madhouse if you wrote in slang because there is no Webster's defined spelling for certain words, and 50 year old white cops/judges/etc. would have to read and understand what happened.




    Personally, I don't believe typing a certain way can be racist.

  6. Man, I used to live on MTV. I'm only 24 but I watched throughout the 90s. Shows like Liquid Television, The State, The Head, The Maxx, Aeon Flux, Beavis & Butthead, and later, Daria and Sifl & Olly were a huge part of growing up.


    MTV was amazing to me. Everything felt adult; like a window a world I hadn't seen before. They were a hub of creativity with all of the MTV Station Idents and shorts. You'll never see that kind of situation on tv again. A cheap network looking for material wherever they could get it, and playing it on tv.


    I ditched MTV pretty early in life because it just lost that feeling it once had. Videos became even more sparse, and it seemed like it became targeted to a demographic rather than a hodgepodge of cool stuff. I always hated Real World. TRL was garbage. And Woodstock '99? Excuse me while I vomit... They just went too commercial, which I get from a business standpoint.




    I did happen to catch Liz's show one day around Thanksgiving a year or two ago. Not a huge fan, but it was enjoyable enough to make me wonder how it snuck onto the channel.

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  7. I don't think that Cracked Out is in any way racist. It's just a couple of comedians, playing characters that rap. Plus there are plenty of white people that act like that and talk like that... So it's not out of the realm of possibilities that two white rappers would talk like that.


    Basically, I always saw it as Brett and Jon simply mocking rappers (while actually enjoying getting a chance to rap). I never saw it as mocking black people or anything like that.

  8. I could listen to Wompler drop some bon mots all day. A Who's Harry Crumb and a This Is How We Do It reference?!


    If anyone remembers the video for This Is How We Do It, it takes place at some house party. At the beginning some dude walks past the camera enjoying the music and his sandwich way too much. I made a gif of it a few years ago.








    Does anyone know the record for recurring characters? (Other than that insufferable "Choctaw" feller.)


    By my quick count, which could very well be wrong:


    Wompler: 7 episodes (6 full shows, 1 stop in)


    Ice Tea: 7 episodes (at least 2 of those are call ins)

    ALW: 7 episodes (8 if you count a two parter as two, at least 1 is a call in)

    Cake Boss: 6 episodes (7 if you count a two parter as two)


    Jesse Ventura: 5 episodes

    Huell Howser: 5 episodes


    El Chupacabra: 8 episodes (at least 2 episodes are quick, a la XMas/Anniversary shows)

    Bobby Bottleservice: 5 episodes


    So, I'd say it's up to the individual to weight what counts in an appearance. Wompler is definitely a top 3 return guest.

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  9. Hey Matt, what super secret thing are you plugging on your site? I've gone there the last two weeks and don't see any new updates. On the other hand, I might be stupid and just missed it...




    About the episode:


    I love the fact that there was a Nightcrawler reference, only made better by the fact that Billy Merritt had already had the conversation about Banf vs. Bamf.


    Also, when Sean Conroy mentioned 'When the Saints Come Marching In' was specifically made for brass.

  10. That was my first thought when I heard the news yesterday. I did a joke about the find during my set tonight, but didn't go the Borat route with it. (Apologies if sentence #2 sounded a little douchey.)

  11. Did anyone find Comedy Apartment? I found Apartment Comedy, but I don't know if that's what Jon was talking about.


    It took me a few minutes but I found it. It's called Stand Up Apartment, and there are five of them.


    Here's number one:



    I get it, but definitely don't find it as funny as Jon Daly does.

  12. Come on, really? To those of you defending Adam Pally for falling out of character - do you think Seth Morris or Andy Daly would pull that shit? No.


    You're being pretty harsh, considering Scott and Andy directly referred to him as Adam, and asked or mentioned things that only Adam Pally could comment on.


    It's funny, so that's what counts.

  13. I have listened to every Sklarbro episode, and Ian Roberts is easily the funniest guest you have ever had. To think I had never even heard of him, definately going to check out some of his stuff now.


    Thank you Sklars.


    Ian Roberts is hilarious. Definitely check out the Upright Citizens Brigade tv show (3 seasons, 30 episodes total), and the movie Martin & Orloff (starring Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts).


    I wish I could find that skit about the Chef Improv they were talking about on youtube. It's episode 5 of season 2.


    UCB was a genius show.

  14. I seem to remember that too, pretty sure it was 94 as that was the last time i trick or treated.. out of curiosity, 45 minutes which way? I was in good ol' Belvidere at the time.


    '94 sounds right, at least I'm not insane.


    I lived in Crown Point, Indiana and my dad commuted to work in Chicago every day... Just google mapped Belvidere and you were on the opposite side of Chicago from me.

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  15. Matt did that Halloween story happen back in 1994 or 1995? I lived about 45 minutes away from Chicago and remember trick or treating in terrible rain one of those years.




    Three stand out things from this episode:


    - Lauren Lapkus' character in the 'fork cartel'. Straight holes fucking killed me.


    - Triple-party


    - The last scene breaking into 'reality' and connecting with the Serial Killer Tour.

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