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  1. The Lora/Laura callback caught me off guard. At first I thought, "Wow that's pretty obscure to bring that up a week later." Then I remembered this took place on the same night, I'm just hearing it a week later... And the genius of the week award goes to...


    Anyway, I really liked the last trio. The rafting scene was awesome, especially the 'dead wife's photo' bit.

  2. Once the mask talk was starting, I was expecting a mention of The Residents. They're an avant-garde art collective that are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. They've got over 90 albums, 20 DVDs and have done a ton of world tours, but they've always worn masks and never divulged their identities. They've put their art first and potentially sacrificed fame, yet maintained their creative vision and have definitely never sold out.


    They're amazing, check them out. Les Claypool is a huge fan of theirs and covered a few of their songs.



  3. Obviously Marissa makes this an amazing episode... But to me, this is the first appearance where she didn't steal the show. Paul Rust came in and blew the doors off the joint with his truth telling. The New No-Nos were amazing, powerful, and hilarious.


    Sorry Womps but you're #2 this week.

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  4. Four things:


    1. I'm glad you guys gave Bruce Campbell a shout out. He's awesome in everything.


    2. I was so psyched for Thomas Haden Church to be Sandman. I thought he looked perfect for it and was another solid choice for an enemy after Alfred Molina as Doc Ock.


    3. Why'd they make Eddie Brock such a bitch? Goes from jock and bad ass in the comics/cartoon to Topher Grace?


    4. Marissa Wompler probably loved all the finger gunning in this movie.


    JK Simmons said in an interview, I think it was to AV Club, that the studio pretty much threw out the script and made them add and change things on a daily basis. That's why it feels like such a colossal mess, because even the cast and filmmakers had no idea what they were doing and how they were going to put it all together.


    Interesting, that makes a lot of sense. Sam and Ivan Raimi along with another guy (who wrote on the second one) are given writing credits. I feel like if what you posted is true, the studio fired and shot down so much that Sam and Ivan hopped on and just cobbled a bunch of drafts together.

  5. Ben Schwartz's comedic improvising during the whole "placing a phone call to Wyclef Jean" bit was one of the more impressive pieces of quick-and-funny improvisation that I've heard in a long, long time, but things got a little strange after Bob Zmuda showed up. It was still engaging, but overall pretty atypical of this particular podcast.


    Tony Clifton and Ben Schwartz were the only guests. You need to get your hearing checked.


    I wish I could catch one of Tony's shows.

  6. Holy shit, Kevin and Bill?!


    I'm a huge MST3K fan. I'd wake up early on Saturday mornings in the late 90s to catch reruns. Without a doubt one of the greatest comedy shows of all time. I'm so glad the two factions of MST3K are still riffing and putting things out.


    Great episode.

  7. By the way I heard Romney is anti-catchment, so I guess that means the catchment vote will swing Obama's way! The debates should be intense.



    "Catchment" by itself usually means the water not the tank or barrel itself, it just hits the ear wrong, Besser was fine though I guess. Koechner is still wrong though.


    Keyword: usually, haha. It would be hilarious to have vg skype in to talk about catchments.

  8. Woah I'm not even going to get into the Jordan stuff that was just brought up because it'll lead to a useless back and forth.


    - Melo is a great scorer, but just can't play in a system for some reason. George Karl wanted him to be better and challenged him, so he jumped ship and went to the Knicks.


    - Stoudemire is overrated, I agree with that.


    - Deron Williams totally ousted Sloan from Utah, and then bolted for Jersey.


    - Iverson was never a spectacular team player, but he played with such heart and determination that you have to respect him even if you didn't like him. Plus, the 'practice' press conference is legendary.


    - Vince Carter just never had the killer instinct. He supposedly stopped trying a few different times in his career, didn't give it his all to be the best, and totally looked lost without his athleticism when he was with Phoenix last year. (Looks better with Dallas though). He was a great talent, but was just never meant to be the greatest.


    - Adam McKay's Reggie Theus pull made me laugh. You can tell he's an NBA fan.


    I loved the Anthony/Ruffalo improv. Plus, it just blew my mind that not only is the show improv for humans, but also that it is the improv of four humans.