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  1. I'm not a football fan, only NBA, but I remember that Wonderlic story that you guys brought up. I thought that was amazingly funny. Not only did Tebow act like a douche in a scenario full of young athletes of varying religions, only to be told to "Shut the fuck up."


    He's a bad quarterback that can't throw. He shoves religion in people's faces, and does that cringeworthy kneeling prayer thing on the field... Plus he's way overhyped.


    This is the only time I remember someone thanking a deity other than Jesus/God. Larry Johnson thanking Allah after the 4 point play in 1999:




    There's also the Chris Jackson aka Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf national anthem incident. He became a Muslim and didn't feel like standing for the national anthem before NBA games. He did it for months before it became a headline, and then he was practically blackballed from the NBA... Just because he didn't stand for a song.

  2. Andy forgot Andi Callahan, RN.


    I assume he's killed himself and finally became an all-seeing dragon. Now he's roaming the world and setting it ablaze, killing everyone he comes across. He's probably starting off slow so people won't get suspicious.

  3. I think my initial reaction to Man On The Street was so-so, mainly because I wasn't expecting it... Which is on me.


    Pro: It lets you guys go out into the world and get ridiculous stories/monologues that you can improv from. Which gives you an avenue that the room wouldn't otherwise go down.


    Con: It felt a little out of place, just because it was a random person instead of you or a guest.


    I don't really have a strong opinion one way or another, because it let to the same caliber of improv. I hesitated to even put my thought into the post because my surprise probably tainted the bit. I assume some of the so-so reactions are just because it's new.


    Keep doing the segment, or don't. I'll be listening either way, I am human after all.

  4. 1. Episode 28


    Not sure about the Ice-T one off the top of my head.

    If you don't know, both are characters by Paul F. Tompkins, so you could just check episodes with him.


    Thanks a lot man. Yeah, I was going through the PFT episodes, but I just couldn't find those bits. I was skipping around episode 28 and missed it until I just read your post and looked again.


    I just found the other episode too. It is #31, Happy Black Friday.


    Case closed!

  5. Edit: Found the episodes, ignore this thread.


    Hey everyone, a few bits just popped into my head and I can't recall which episodes they're from. I've been racking my brain and trying to sift through episodes to no avail... If you could let me know the episode numbers I'd appreciate it.



    1. John C. Reilly calls in to talk about Cirque Du Freak not making much money. (#28)



    2. Ice-T visits and says he gets this question all the time: "Is Richard Belzer as hilarious in real life as he is on screen?" (#31)

  6. Brett Gelman, comedian, author, playwright, poet, actor, rapper, and most importantly, truth teller.


    Great episode, Rich and Poor was hilarious. Now I'm just spitballing here, but Brett should think about parlaying these plays and stories into a Twilight Zone-esque half hour long tv show.

  7. The Phantom Menace is getting re-released on February 10th as a 3d movie. As any good person knows, this movie is utter garbage.


    You could talk for hours about plot holes, poor characters, the lack of motivations, the insane political plot, the differences between Phantom Menace and the original trilogy, etc.


    Come on, Jar Jar Binks... Need I say more?