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  1. I'm so amped about season 3 being released. Looks like I'll have a night of Titte Brothers, Supercool and Thunderball next week. Seriously, Besser as Silky Slim on the basketball court, and the car roving the infield are two of my favorite things ever... Plus Steve Youngblood, and the Decatur Fist mascot drinking bleach. Holy fuck.


    Also, I feel like I have to say that Colin Mochrie was definitely mocking the audience a bit with the 'Do you understand?' long explanation stuff... Stiles and Mochrie are definitely smart and funny guys.


    I do fully agree with the stance of short vs. long form though. When I talk about improv, people assume it's Whose Line stuff and they instantly turn off. They don't even know what long form is because it falls under the same nomenclature. Pretty shitty, especially for pitching a show or spreading word like Besser said.

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  2. The way this guy is fondling that poster in front of those children makes this clip uncomfortable enough to be on the podcast. Then there's the whole Michael Jackson thing...


    Haha yeah. My friend and I lost our shit when Michael Jackson appeared. While the guy is doing a good thing (and is still continuing to teach based on my searching), he comes off as super creepy during a couple of moments.


    I put up 3 other short clips from it too if you didn't see. I'd suggest checking them out if you enjoyed that one. There's a funny freeze frame and music in the

    , great reaction shots of kids in the
    , and more
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  3. Sorry to clutter up the immaculate forum for this highly structured podcast, but I have something I need to get off of my chest.


    My friend and I have literally been doing the, "It's been a while" interjections for at least three years now whenever somebody says those words. It makes both of us very happy that it has somehow crept into CBB, UTU2TM?, and now Staind Glass.


    According to Scott and Scott, many of you fellow listeners began to do it as well... My wish is that everybody that listens will join the world of, "It's been a while."


    It'll make the world a better place. Give it a try at home or at work!

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  4. I think Ute of the Butte has finally surpassed Battleship Strapon as my favorite episode ever. The scenes were amazing and full of callbacks, the chemistry was palpable, and the banter was hilarious... Plus it had some X-Files stuff in it.


    Of course Jessica was talking about the inbred episode called 'Home'. I saw when it premiered and I was about 8. and it scared the shit out of me. It was the first episode I'd seen, and I refused to watch another for about 10 years. That was a top 5 screwed up episode.





    Playing House is really good too, check it out if you haven't. (Although I'm sure most people on Earwolf have.)

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  5. Haven't listened yet, but I've been dying to see Jodorowsky's Dune since I first saw the trailer. It looks amazing. I even emailed an indie theater that's 30 miles away to request/make sure they had it. They're getting it in about 2 weeks I think... Guess I'll have time to see Under the Skin.


    Imagine Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings hadn't been finished (it almost wasn't) and all we had was a notebook of drawings.


    As much as I like the Peter Jackson films, I think the film nerd in me would consider the unfinished Bakshi version more authentic and I would spend hours boring my friends with anecdotes of what might have been (even though it actually was- but you get my point).


    On a side note, before the first film in Jackson's trilogy came out, before it popped onto my radar at all, I foolishly bought one of the few existing copies of the Bakshi version. Unavailable on DVD at the time, I bought the fucker on VHS for $60 because I'm a sucker. I have watched it a grand total of one time since then.


    This will make you mad, but I bought a VHS of Bakshi's version at a k-mart for $2.99 in like 1999/2000/2001 (pre-Jackson movies). I also only have watched it once, but I still have it.