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  1. Not from Youtube, but a news report from Fox 5 in Atlanta: Man Says He Does Not Know Who Won Presidential Election http://www.fox5atlan...218049407-story
  2. Man Protests Restaurant's All-You-Can-Eat Policy
  3. JLord

    New Front Page Layout

    Yes please. I am missing on seeing new shows because I am used to checking the front page. And if I miss a day it seems I miss seeing shows on the frontpage. Feature the newest three, but still show us the newest 6 or something like that. Please. This is now two of us, so for our sake, please.
  4. JLord

    New home page

    Looks fine, but please show more than the three newest shows for each category. I am going to miss shows because more than three get released in quick succession in the comedy sections. I normally go to shows from the main page because I look at who the guests are rather than only following a certain show. And then the only way is to try to remember which shows to check. So please give us like the newest five shows in each. Or keep teh newest three but add some text only links below for the next newest three. Something like that would be great.
  5. The reading of the transcript for the Italian ship captain would make a great promo clip for this show. It could be the equivalent of the CBB "list of ailments" as a gateway to the new listener for something that is easy to relate to and very comical.
  6. JLord

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    James needs to be paired with more "theatrical" improv oriented people. His character was a reasonably funny concept but it didn't go anywhere because everyone else was playing it too strait, including Scott (although I give him marks for desperate efforts to make it work after seeing the problem). Paired with PFT and a guest with solid improv experience the character could do well. Fits with the "Enigma Force 5" type of crackpot character very well and would work well paired with Jesse Ventura if Adomian wants a bit of a challenge (which he would make look easy). This show was a miss because of the pairing.