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  1. P.S. Please do Road House.
  2. This is a movie I have been waiting to see since it came out, but for some reason waited. Seeing that you did an episode about it, I knew I had to watch it before I listened to the podcast. Wow. I've never seen so much cartoonishly over exaggerated early 90s hip hop fashion in my life. The podcast was great, and I realize there were probably time constraints, but I feel like you missed a few seriously discussable points. -You mentioned the jumping of the fence that scared the horse, but no mention of the impossible mechanics behind it. He jumped that fence with presumably no ramp, or dirt pile, or anything that could have launched him 5+ feet in the air. Same for jumping the Corvette at the end. -The first half hour or so of the film was silly and whimsical, filled with funny banter, exaggerated reactions, and sound effects, then that whole feel was dropped after the Sugar Shack. The mood of the movie totally changed. -After returning to the Sugar Shack, where "Johnny" beat up Nick (Dick) and company for smashing up his friend's motorcycle, he just leaves. He doesn't go in to alert his friend of the situation, and there is never further any mention of the guy's bike being vandalized. -By the way, his character's name is Johnny, and never referred to as Ice or Vanilla Ice. Where's that fucking movie title come from? Just because the actor's name is Vanilla Ice? That would be like naming "Die Hard" "Bad Ass Bruce" or something, just because it starred Bruce WIllis. -His fucking never ending wardrobe. As you mentioned, he was only on a crotch rocket. Where the fuck did all those outfits come from? -Speaking of outfits, that jacket. It had all these "cool" phrases on it like Down by Law, Yep Yep, Sex Me Up, Lust, Freeze, Rollin, Danger, Hype, and then Dang. Dang. How fucking bad ass is the word Dang? -Kat was nippin' hard in her first few outfits. I feel like the THO was a contribution of the porn director, for sure. -That fish bowl was ridiculous. The first time they showed it, there was 18-20 Cichlids in there. No pump, no gravel, no aeration. Just a shit ton of tropical fish. In the scene where he threw there ring in, there were only about 12 left. I say "left", because I'm sure the rest died in those horrible conditions. -You mentioned how easy they gave up looking for her kidnapped brother at the construction site. How about the fact that they couldn't hear that site identifying noise that was barely audible on the tape WHILE THEIR FUCKING LOUD ASS MOTORCYCLES WERE STILL RUNNING?! -Another thing I loved about that part is when they crashed through the drywall with their motorcycles. The hole they left must have been 5-6 feet wide. You're telling me there where no 2x4 studs across that wide a section of wall? That shit must have been being built by some shady ass contractors. Not to mention that when they cut back to the wall, the edges of the hole had perfectly cut, zig-zag edges.. The last thing I want to mention is your interview with Rob "Vanilla Ice" Van Winkle. OK, you guys were nice to him. I get it. You aren't dick heads, but come on. You let him off the hook way too easy. Earlier in the podcast, you said that her was OK with how the film was currently perceived, but talking to him, he seemed really satisfied that they had made a quality movie. He even went as far as showing pride in the awesome lines he improved that "stood the test of time", like "You need to drop that zero and get with a hero". And now he runs with ICP. At the end of the day, is still absolutely LOVE this podcast I think you are all hilarious, and will listen as long as it exists. Props on picking movies that are available to instant stream on Netflix, too. Afterthought: I'd love to see a video alternative available along side the audio podcast.
  3. JeremyDuncan

    Episode 10 — Mac & Me

    At the end of this episode, you guy were talking about the girl in the convertible outside the supermarket. You stated that she looked over at the aliens as if nothing was wrong, then did a double take and peeled out for apparently no reason. She got freaked out, because the aliens smashed through the glass and stole her Sprite (more Coca Cola Co. placement). Btw, love the show...so much that I had to a dick and correct you. Haha. It was with love, I promise.