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  1. OlYeller21

    What guest do you want to see?

    Drew Carey. He lives in/near LA, he's done or is at least associated with improv, and he seems like a cool guy. I'd love to hear him on the show.
  2. OlYeller21

    Any Uwe Boll Film

    Title says it all. I don't know of a director/produce/screenwriter that so consistently gets decent actors and still makes such terrible movies. They all have huge what-the-hell moments and the movies themselves are a how-did-this-get-made moment. He may even come on the show if invited (I love when people from the film are on HDTGM). He's not one to shy away from critics ( ). Just watch out for the left hook.
  3. OlYeller21

    Voice Similarities

    First off, I accidently found Earwolf around June and I have to say, it's one of those special accidents you're occasionally blessed with that you never really forget. I love Earwolf for a plethora of reasons. I generally think I have a pretty good ear for identifying voices and there are not one but two people on Earwolf podcasts that sound like other people (excluding the Sklarbros). Does anyone else hear the similarity? I think about it every time I hear them and try to visualize them speaking. I'm not saying their personalities or anything else are the same, just the sound of the their voice. #1 - Jason Mantzoukas and T.J. Miller I'm terrible with names so for months, I thought T.J. Miller (the person, not the name) was on HDTGM. Must be the facial hair. #2 - Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott I thought Hot Saucerman was Adam Scott for almost my entire first Comedy Bang Bang. Am I crazy? Does anyone else hear the similarities? Does anyone else think any other Earwolfers sound like other people?