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  1. Y'all. I'm confused.

    Howard said it was Alice Wetterlund ahh-ing and yeah-ing over the tweet chart theme, but I thought I remembered that he asked Mary Elizabeth Ellis to do it in her episode?


    Anyway, I love all the guest hosts. It makes me feel like I'm betraying Kulap but Emily, Natasha and April are just great.

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  2. Something I was sad no one mentioned is the evil cunt's solo song and how it's HORRIFYING and it sounds like a cassette tape that got left in the sun and melted because the backing track and the main melody directly clash with each other. Also, the backing track sounds like the a capella breakdown from Boys II Men's song "Thank You" but tuned up several keys. Honestly, that wouldn't surprise me at all if it was exactly that.


    YES! I thought half the episode would be dedicated to this 'song'. It's indescribable. Todd in the Shadows said it best with "I can't even tell which key she's in."


    Gotta say I'm very excited about the prospect of a Crossroads episode.