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    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    After thought... Scott said that it would be stupid for a band to sing about playing in a band, but then he said that Simple was a rocking song. "We've got it simple because we've got a band... and we play cymbals in the band"
  2. BDBrooks

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    "You'll never get out of this maze bro!!!" This podcast is awesome! Harris, I've been in your shoes many times and I know how hard it is to turn a skeptic into a believer... and Scott, you're a good sport for going to such lengths... Phish is like Dungeons and Dragons! That being said, I honestly don't think you'll let yourself get into them because you clearly love ragging on Harris and the granolas. It's a serious trade... 10 Suggestions... 1 - Scott seems to have wide musical tastes so listen to jams in different genres (metal - Carrini; bluegrass - SOAM with the Hassidic jam; blues - My Soul; jazz - Bowie; calypso - PYITE). 2 - Scott likes musicals so talk about Gamehendge. 3 - Compare an album version with a live version (Free). 4 - Compare jams of different live versions (Tweezer). 5 - Scott is still missing some of the more accessible songs (First Tube, DWD, Suzie, Roggae, Dirt). 6 - Scott seems like an philosophical guy who would appreciate some cryptic lyrics (Sand, Steam). 7 - Scott needs to be commit to non-sensical lyric immersion therapy (Weigh, Catapult, Sanity). 8 - Scott needs to watch a NYE stunt. 9 - Have another guest because Scott seemed more receptive when he wasn't the only skeptic. 10 - And if nothing else works go for the Hail Mary (Twist>Piper 9/4/11).