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  1. Simon Cowell said fuck it, tonight he's going tits out on #xfactor #buttonyourshirtasshole

  2. "Walking on the Street" by Beach Day is pure audio sunshine. #dreamyasfuck http://t.co/qfFDLzJt

  3. Holy shit, that Charli XCX remix of HTDW's "Cold Nites" is ubergood. http://t.co/FrUwTWnD

  4. Asobi Seksu's cover of "Farewell" (originally by Boris) is a gorgeous #dreampop & #shoegaze lullaby. http://t.co/a9aZ1Gfs

  5. "Until You Die" by Lost Lander is a ghostly lullaby. really great. http://t.co/sZU2AcYp

  6. I was having trouble hearing the ending of #TheWalkingDead because Tumblr's ovaries were exploding at the site of Daryl Dixon holding a baby

  7. Is it safe to non-ironically listen to Sarah McLachlan's "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" yet? Didn't think so. I was asking for someone else.


    #OnRepeat "Lines" by Solar Year. Stunning goodness. http://t.co/OT3UYwyl


  9. If Les Mis sweeps the oscars this year I'm going to be bummed as hell.

  10. Today I met a 5yr old boy who's first words to me was "why do some of my turds sink and some turds swim?". Clearly, he's our next Einstein.

  11. I never really thought of the Bomb Bird as the Obi-Wan of Angry Birds. But the Yellow Bird is obviously Han Solo bird. #starwars #angrybirds

  12. can something be "abrasive" in a good way? because if so, that's what the new Crystal Castles album is #abrasivewave #abrasioncore #OuchFi

  13. "I Wish You Were Dead" by Bored Nothing is a sweet, lo-fi bedroom pop gem. #dreampop #goodness http://t.co/7wt2W6Cw

  14. MARK KOZELEK // TEN FAVORITES - An Artist Spotlighthttp://t.co/iGlm8Mva

  15. A new favorite: That Awful Sound by Jolly Jackk http://t.co/4hF8mg61 on #SoundCloud

  16. Crazy right? An airborne animal? Lets call it an "airbornimal". #childrenshospital

  17. I think I'm in love with Vondelpark's "Dracula". is there a resurgence of classic trip hop or is it just me? http://t.co/X1seyWgO

  18. IN HEAVY ROTATION // 11.8.12 #np crystal castles, motorama, cemeteries, chromatics, go betweens, the weeknd… http://t.co/JNM88JHh

  19. "Blue Flower" by Paradise is a dreamy, shoegazey lullaby. #thisismyjamhttp://t.co/xgGBPvj8

  20. "Kill For Love (RFTS Version)" by Chromatics is arguably better than the stunning original. #dreampop http://t.co/GAiTxMkq

  21. smash cut: #Obama, mid-stage, body popping so hard that his shirt blows off revealing a huge back tat of a T-Rex riding a roller coaster.


    #PaulRyan has been jamming "Bulls on Parade", doing hate-pushups since they called it for Obama. He's coming out swolled up! #fourmoreyears


  23. "Bette Davis Eyes" is still a great jam. It needs some cover love. #ignoretheoldbro

  24. That new jam, "Twenty-Eight" from The Weeknd is super good. Dark and heavy goodness. http://t.co/82AXGVtE

  25. where did all of these dead prostitutes and CD singles of "Bat Dance" by Prince come from? where am i?