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    What the Hell are They Singing?

    Justin: Many thanks.
  2. Hey, Paul, Long time listener, first time writer, last time audience member of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, but that's another story. Been trying to figure out a few garbled lyrics in your theme, and figured maybe others were having the same problem, so I'm taking my life in my hands and making this public. Please fill in the blanks: Now it's time for, How Did This Get Made? We're gonna have a good time, Celebrate some failure, Not just be a hater. --- --- ----- wonder, How Did This Get Made? ---- --- --- ---- -- mediocrity of sub-par art, Perhaps we'll find the answer to the question, How Did This Get Made? For the longest time, I thought the latter line was "Athwart the windy mediocrity..." which certainly would be lofty, but I suspect that's a "The girl with colitis goes by," kind of translation. Help me, please. I'll sleep sounder at night. Dan (BTW: If you wish to give some love to my own bad movie podcast @ templeofbad.com, it certainly would be appreciated, but your call.)
  3. DanPersons

    Splice (2009)

    In response to Paul's challenge in the Episode 30 Prequel (02/07/2012) to provide reasons why Vincenzo Natali's Splice should be discussed, four words: carnivorous transsexual lizard girl. Want three more? Okay: mutant slug bloodbath. BTW: I happened to like the film. Your mileage may vary: http://www.huffingto...n_b_602735.html