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  1. Hello, I cannot believe I registered for this and it will probably will not get read, but what the hell. I think On Deadly Ground (directed by and starring Steven Segal) would be perfect fodder for How Did This Get Made. Steven Seagal was coming off a string of hits (Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, Out for Justice, and Under Siege - all classic action movies) and leveraged his "star power" to star in and direct his own film. I think it is safe to say this movie killed whatever "star power" he had. The result is unintentionally hilarious. I don't want to spoil too much for the uninitiated but I will mention some highlights: a TEN minute speech at the end about alternate energy sources, Steven Seagal (an environmentalist) blowing up an oil rig to "save" the environment, Michael Caine hamming it up as an evil oil man, and lastly, "what does it take to change the essence of a man?". There is so much more. The podcast does a really good job of balancing the newer "crazy" movies and the cult classics (Mac and Me, Superman 3, forthcoming Cool as Ice). I really think this would be a great choice for older crazy movie. Even if this movie does not get picked up, all bad movie lovers should get some friends together and watch this. Unfortunately, it is not on netflix, but you can buy it used for $1.48 on amazon (click the earwolf link!!!). If you read this and agree, please post. I think this would be a great How Did This Get Made! Bundi
  2. Really enjoyed this episode. Usually, I am lukewarm on DCM episodes because people rotate so quickly and it's hard keep the momentum going, but I was really impressed with this one. Keep em coming. I4H has been on a tear this year (as it was last year), and it better get some serious recognition on the end of the year lists. I don't know what else this show needs to do to be quite frank. I love CBB, but this is my absolute "go to" show.
  3. This episode is amazing. I have forced my friends to listen to this. While I would probably get tired of too many episodes where the improvisers are obviously in a certain state of mind, I would certainly welcome another one!
  4. Bundi

    Guest suggestions

    I think the musical episodes are really interesting. Keeping on that theme, I think Matt should try to get Mac DeMarco. His newest album is coming out next week so he may be looking for ways to promote the album. His lyrics should provide plenty of material for scenes. I'm stealing this from wikipedia (I'm lazy). This is from his last album, 2: "Lyrically, DeMarco covers growing up in suburbia, failed love, and family secrets, the latter featuring heavily in "Cooking Up Something Good". "Ode to Viceroy" is a tribute to the singer's favourite brand of cigarettes. DeMarco is apologizing to his mother in "Freaking Out The Neighbourhood", and trying to convince a girl to leave town with him in "'The Stars Keep On Calling My Name"." Even if Matt ends up not getting him, I recommend listening to his stuff. It's quite good!
  5. Bundi

    Episode 273 — Vape Cod

    Always love Horatio, but I was almost more impressed with Jim O'Heir. Maybe it was because I did not know what to expect, but I thought he was game for anything and really pleasant. I hope CBB brings him back.
  6. Great episode. Just want to say that when Erin Andrews asked about who Sherman was referring to, it wasn't a dumb question. She knew exactly what she was doing and was hoping to get that response. Not that anyone cares...
  7. Saw two Rob Ford videos above... pretty sure Matt could do an entire show on him! Here's the latest. Sorry I couldn't figure out to embed, but it's gold! http://deadspin.com/...ed-p-1464353838 Correction: There are three videos above.
  8. Bundi

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    Do we have an updated schedule for Earwolf VPN? Looking forward to some more live i4h!
  9. I think you are correct that I did overstate it. With that said, his discussion of it did weird me out a little. He was definitely defending it in a way that made me wonder if he enjoyed beastialty himself.
  10. I loved this episode. With that said, I am still trying to figure out if Gemberling's love of beastiality was a bit...
  11. Matt, I hope you continue to read/participate in the forums because it really is appreciated. For me, it is even better because this is hands down my favorite podcast. As for the Case Closed segment, I found this one really interesting because you had a really good guest. I think you alluded to it at the beginning of the segment, but I think you should choose your "opponents" based on the topic. With more silly topics like whether someone is or is not a robot, it doesn't really matter who you debate against. With topics that are a little more serious, however, you should try to get people that can speak intelligently and are less likely to back down from their beliefs. While it wasn't bad, I found last week's Cased Closed segment suffered from the fact that the caller backed down so quickly. Hope that makes sense! Keep up the good work! Bundi
  12. Bundi

    Horrible Idea

    Atomslayer, This is the first episode that had this advertisement. Judging from Matt's ad (I listened to it again), it appears that SDR Shop only bought ad time for 4/20 - I don't know if they will be sponsoring any more episodes of i4h. Also, while Matt ultimately decided on accepting the ad and therefore it can be argued that he supports everything that the website sells (I personally don't think that's fair), he did not mention the 50 packs of whippets or fake drug tests. If your friends and family, who find drug usage offensive, listen to the podcast, there is no way that they would know about that unless they actually visited the site. I personally don't smoke or do anything else and had no idea about the non-weed related items that the site sells until I read this post. I'm going out on a limb here but I imagine that someone, who finds drug use offensive, would be even less inclined to visit the site. That said, I hope you continue to listen to the podcast and recommend it to your friends and family. It's personally my favorite, and I hope you don't let this ad get in the way of your enjoying a truly great podcast! Bundi
  13. Another great episode, Matt & Co.! Keep up the good work. I do have one question. Maybe this was unique to the most recent VPN epsiode, but I loved listening to the post-scene banter. I noticed that it wasn't included in the podcast version of that episode or other podcast episodes for that matter. Do you think it ruins the flow of the audio-only podcasts? Have you played with the idea of keeping it? Speaking of the live episodes, when's the next one? Love them. I live on the east coast so I watch it at 9 PM. I make sure to keep my Thursday evenings completely free so I can watch! Thanks, Noah
  14. Bundi

    Episode 212 — Comedy Bleep Bleep

    Episode was fantastic. Everyone was absolutely on fire. Love that Neil Campbell was on the entire episode. Usually when he's on CBB, it seems he is introduced later. Next time Neil is back, I hope he is on for the entire episode.
  15. This is another fantastic episode. I love how Matt experiments with the format of every episode. I seriously just love this podcast. I constantly try to think of how I can spread the word of this. I chew my friends' ears off about how they need to listen to this, and this is yet another example of why they need to. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can spread the word, I am all ears! Bottom Line - great episode! keep it up! Bundi
  16. Really great. I cannot wait to watch again. I4H is hands down my favorite podcast at the moment in both audio and video format. Even without the gang signs and tissue mouth, I really like I4H as a video podcast. I, personally, get so much enjoyment at watching the comedians crack up or react as a skit goes off the rails (the same can be said for watching Andy Daly on the CBB video podcast). I could have easily watched another hour of the podcast although I understand that Tim Meadows had to run off. Matt mentioned that I4H is going to Austin in March. Will that also be a video podcast? If not, when is the next one?
  17. Who will be joining you? Not that it matters, I will be sitting in front of my computer at 6 PST anyway... also, great episode! Best podcast in the universe indeed....
  18. Amazing episode - best one in a while. This is exactly why I look forward to every Thursday. Hoping for a bonus episode on Tuesday so I can hear more of these 4 together!
  19. Bundi

    Jeff Q&A

    Jeff, This is a great idea for a topic. I've enjoyed reading all your thoughts and thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. I'm running out the door so will probably have more questions later, but in the meantime, can you give us any more information about the new show airing on Jan. 10? Maybe just a clue? I am very intrigued. Thanks, Bundi