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    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    There could be months of HDTGM of just bad King adaptations, but ths one sits high atop the list. I remember seeing the teaser for this and thinking- this could be the next good adaptation (along with Green Mile, Shawshank, Stand By Me, Shining)! Even the subsequent full trailer looked promising. Next thing I know I am in a theater watching a promising beginning disinegrate into streange plot twists, characters and unneeded supernatural stuff. Good choice for the show...
  2. RyanPower

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    The trailer for this movie was so entertaining, then the movie is a total WTF. Good call.
  3. RyanPower

    Southland Tales (2006)

  4. RyanPower

    Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

    I think it would be fun to hear the crew talk about this awesome movie, but there is no way this movie should be placed alongside The Room, Cool As Ice, Old Dogs, etc...
  5. RyanPower

    Batman & Robin

    Good choice, this could be a real fun movie to revisit.
  6. RyanPower

    TRON: Legacy

    When people suggest movies like this I wonder if they have even listened to the show at all.
  7. Great episode guys, the wait was worth it. I didn't want it to end so I stopped it right when Whitney comes out... I would have a thousand questions for her and I hope you guys ask a few of them, cant wait to wrap it up tomorrow.
  8. Yeah, we have all talked about the CGI monkeys, how wooden Marion was, the nuking of the fridge, the crazy plot etc. But I think this wold be interesting (and maybe even validating) to hear the HDTGM crew watch this for some new things to add to the discussion as well. Maybe bring in some of the stuff the cast and crew said after the movie came out about its mistakes. After all, this movie was such a disappointment, wouldn't HDTGM be part of that healing process? My favorite bad thing about this movie is hearing how they worked on the script for over a decade... and this is the result?! Even if they improved the whole thing it would be just as good.
  9. RyanPower

    Howard the Duck

    I lived over seas for a few years and this movie, along with police academy were the only english speaking films I could get a hold of for a while. Damn, I had a crazy childhood. This is a great one, and until Troll 2 was often spoken of as the worst movie.
  10. RyanPower

    Batman & Robin

    Good one. Each of this series of the Batman legacy got zanier and zanier and this movie is just straight up pulp with a mega budget. I'm not a buff on this series but I am sure there were problems on the set or with studios revising the script that resulted in a movie this outrageous. I also like the idea that most listeners probably havent seen this in over a decade and can revisit it fresh for the sake of this absurd and fun podcast.
  11. RyanPower

    Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011)

    This is a no brainer provided friendships can stay intact. Depends how sensitive Swardson is.
  12. Totally agree, this movie is Whalberg at his worst/best and its a low point on Shamalans steady decline in visual masterbation. Plus, even worse than Green Lanterns villain. The villain in this one is trees, or wind... fuck I dont remember. Its great to offer movies that are easily viewed by the audience too, though that should never dictate the choice.
  13. Toothfairy might be good, but they did already get to The Rock when they did the recent entry in Fast and the Furious.
  14. RyanPower

    Episode 29.5 — Minisode 29.5

    There are probably 100 other movies that would be better dissected and dissed by this crew than Splice. But if you guys are feeling going there I am sure you will all have as many good things to say about it which can also be fun (See: Crank 1 &2). Do what you will, but Splice is a unique, independent horror film with B movie moments in between some very serious tone and subtext. Couple that with great acting and directing and you have a formula for pretty much every great horror movie. A genre suffering bad remakes and sequels that could use more films like it. On the other hand, I understand Natali is very accessible for interviews...
  15. RyanPower


    Get real, Gremlins is not only a great movie but probably one of the best Christmas movies. Its Joe Dantes best mainstream film backed by Speilberg. Yeah, I know- Gismo talks (in english), Pheobe Cates has her atrocious/ AMAZING monolog, and the population of a town of this size is strangely around 50 people who don't seem anywhere near as upset as they should and kind of just disappear with no real resolution outside of the main characters family. Critters, Ghoulies, Hobgoblins, the Troll series would have a better chance. Maybe even Gremlins 2
  16. RyanPower

    Sex and the City 2 (2010)

    Chick Flicks. I don't get them, the characters tend to be miserable just being by themselves, and are happy once they define who they are by who they are dating. I find that incredibly depressing. Couple that by sending shopahilics out to the middle east for a culture shock of a vacation and this movie that probably started off with good intentions probably came off as offensive even to fans of the series, which I am told is much better. Just like the fans of The Smurfs dont want to see those little blue guys blueing up NYC, I am sure fans of this series didnt want to see the girls in the middle east. I mean, if they picked Paris, this could have easily been knocked out of the park. The trailer alone makes me aggravated, but nothing is more upsetting than the fact that people exist who LOVE this stuff. Sheesh, women.