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    It seems clear. Earwolf fans want a Paul Rust podcast

    Oh man, you're right this would be great! You know what I'd love to see? (or rather, hear) I would love a "Don't Stop or We'll Die" podcast. A podcast with Paul, Harris, and Neil. They could just bullshit together, bring on their comedian friends, maybe do some of their "Kiss From Daddy" sketches, and play their songs too. I feel like this would be an amazing variety show. What do you think.
  2. Fair enough, reasonable assumption.
  3. I did, asshole, cuz I talked to him on his q&a thread.
  4. I think this show is amazing, and am so glad that it exists. I wasn't a big Reality Show Show fan, I thought it was kind of mediocre. So I was tentative about trying this one, butit is absolutely hilarious.
  5. tim atkin

    Jeff Q&A

    Jeff, I think what you guys are doing with Cracked.com is great, and works really well. Would you ever consider approaching Something Awful with the intent of doing a similar partnership? It is a popular and legendary site, so that would be good, and I think it could be something a little different for earwolf, which could also be fun. Plus they have never had a podcast, so they could be looking to expand in that media. I don't know, I think it could be really cool, but maybe you guys aren't interested, or maybe there are reasons you couldn't do it, I just thought I would float the idea out there. Jake Fogelnest is good friends with the vice president of Something Awful, Jon Hendren, in case you needed an in. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
  6. You got me! I hate earwolf! No. Actually I've been a huge fan for years, and recently it has disappointed me a lot, I have always found that a true fan of a certain media is not a yes man, but is able to nit pick, analyze, and see when certain aspects are not perfect of the media in question.
  7. I was going off more of the iTunes reviews and chart positions of those 2 shows that I mentioned, both of which are poor. Or at least Yo Is This Racist has ver poor ratings, what little reviews they have are mostly one star, and I don't think it's ever been a top 100 ranked show. But you're right, it probably doesn't take much for that one to be profitable.
  8. I can't believe sme shows get dropped for numbers, while stuff like Yo Is This Racist, and Nocturnal Emotions stays afloat. They actually pull in good numbers?
  9. tim atkin

    Jeff Q&A

    Thanks for the thorough response.
  10. tim atkin

    Jeff Q&A

    Jeff, why in the world is earwolf dropping Shots Fired?!
  11. So many good podcasts that just stopped being produced and they keep adding new stuff that you can tell will be dropped eventually. Most recently, Shots Fired got dropped, and think of how many shows are no more. mike Detective, Glitter in the Garbage, the Reality Show Show(never mind the spinoff, that will probably get dropped), Owen & TJ Read the News, ear drop, the Wolf Den, Shortwave, Love, Dad; Affirmation Nation. And MRE. I could see the fogelnest files getting cancelled even thoughts amazing. Fuck, I love you earwolf, but come on! Fuck. Earwolf has been my favorite entertainment source for years. For four yeas even! But they are consistently testing my patience with canceling amazing content. And now they are dropping my favorite podcast of all, Shots Fired!! Ps: what's the deal with Totally Laime? They didn't renew their contract but it is still on this website? What is the point of that. Anyway, whatever. your thoughts on all of this? I'd like to hear from you great folks.
  12. tim atkin

    Kudos to whoever designed the logo!

    thats a dope logo dude, i would have used it.
  13. Jon Hendren should be a co host, or at least on a lot more. I know he lives in San Jose but c'mon! Please Jake you guys are like best friends anyway.
  14. Jukebox Jury is not your only choice anymore. Go see my post in the "General Podcasting" section of this forum for all the info. Its the recent one about comedy songs.