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  1. 1) Why couldn't the "Scraps" take over the city?  If Wesley Snipes could defy the police without a gun and the Scraps had guns, couldn't they overthrow the government?


    2) Sly Stallone goes from yelling angrily about his dead wife to being up for some fun sex with Sandra Bullock so quickly.  What the hell?


    3) In the sex scene, the visions never show how Sandra Bullock is picturing Stallone.  Weird.


    4) How could Slay Stallone get sent to prison at the beginning of the movie?  The police seem to believe that he blows up so much stuff as a cop that he would plant C4 in a building full of hostages just to kill one criminal.  That seems odd.


    5) I think I figured out where Wesley Snipes got his character from.  I think he's doing a Rodney Dangerfield impression.  Seriously, go back and watch the way he conducts the meeting with his henchmen late in the movie.  He's always cracking jokes and stopping the meeting to do observational riffing.

  2. You should do 'Splice' because it's so bad it's funny and it's INSANE.


    How insane?


    - It started trending on Twitter last year when it played on HBO.


    People were not saying nice things. They were FLIPPING OUT at the craziness that is Splice.




    PS: ADRIEN BRODY FUCKS THE SPLICE GIRL, WHO THEN TURNS INTO A DUDE AND RAPES HIS GIRLFRIEND AND KILLS HIM (but not before it impregnates her). There's your WTF Moment of the Century.

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