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  1. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 111 — Add 5 and Figure it Out

    Sklars: this guy hates women and makes fun of people on welfare. He's a bully. His pandering to American men's worst impulses has given him everything--money, exposure, influence--but a certain kind of cred, which he seems to crave. You just helped him gain a little bit of that. You should apologize to every woman and poor person you know. (Do you know any?) And everybody else. This isn't about censorship. Who has more access to American ears than Adam Carolla? It's about having minimal integrity. I don't begrudge people going on Carolla's show to shill their stuff--that's part of the job, as I understand it. I don't even begrudge people like Alison Rosen, who work for him, although, ooh boy, that's gotta feel pretty horrible ("he never said I'm not funny!") We all have to eat. But to have this schmuck on your show? It really makes no sense. I look forward to next week's laffathon with Colin Kane.
  2. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 110 — Badgering The Hoochie

    "Take your anger to somewhere more appropriate" Wow. Nice to have gatekeepers. Because, of course, you are correct, Mr. White Dude, Who but a lowdown idiot would make such a big deal about racism and sexism? What could possibly justify being mean to movie stars who just want to joke about homeless African American drunks and trade hilarious Hustler magazine-style japes about politicians' wives?
  3. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 110 — Badgering The Hoochie

    Jason Biggs on this show, like Lesley Arfin on Totally Laime, is a scandal. He's a miserable bigot, notorious for awful sexist and racist "jokes."E.g. http://jezebel.com/5915080/jason-biggs-is-one-silly-racist/gallery/1 That sucks. No more of him, please.
  4. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 33 — Alpha-Nerd

    Just wanted to say: this was a great episode. Not since Jiminy Glick addressed Tom Hanks as "Tom Hank" have I enjoyed anything as much as R and B's constant references to "Big Bang." The Hebrew weight watchers joke near the end nearly destroyed my brain, but in a good way. (And of course, the unacknowledged relationship of the guest to the interviewers was an added source of hilarity). This is so clearly the funniest podcast of all time.
  5. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 30 — The Kramer of Veep

    The real danger is when "irregardless' starts creeping into regular speech!
  6. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 30 — The Kramer of Veep

    This was an amazing episode. As always, my favorite thing is when R and B go overboard with the "Is that funny?" and the "Is that cute?" and on this episode, we get to hear Matt Walsh countering, calmly, with an: "Is it?" Incredible.
  7. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 28 — Stolen Spanx

    Has any comedian ever gotten as much mileage out of something so simple as "Is that cute?" And it's never about something cute! Great episode.
  8. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 27 — Superfudge for Girls

    I don't know how R and B can be so fearless in their amazing trash-talking. The Hayden Panetierre stuff was off the chain. And making fun of Connie Britton's mom's college! Wowza. Fantastique.
  9. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 26 — Tanlines

    I laughed so much during this episode. Laugh, laugh, laugh. The steady build of the aquarium deviancy plotline is a thing of beauty. Yasher koach.
  10. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 118 — Dear Diary!

    Shannon: just wanted to share that you are certainly not alone in your feelings. There's plenty of evidence, from a variety of sources. Anyone who doubts this needs only to do a little googling. And avoid that one website, if you like. Check out Street Carnage, and what it is all about, politically. Look at some of the twitter comments. Read some African American writers' blogs on the topic. I haven't heard a satisfying answer about the weird statements and affiliations. Carlos Mencia and Daniel Tosh and Lisa Lampanelli also haven't apologized for a lot of wack stuff they've said and done, either. If they showed up on Totally Laime, I'd hope to see some static, too. Audiences get to draw conclusions from the behavior of performers. And I don't see why we shouldn't be allowed to express those conclusions, respectfully and non-hysterically. It's 2012. You want to build clout with "edgy" racism? People will pay attention. Some will give you money and jobs. And others will do that one thing they can do to register their disgust: say, publicly, "no thanks." Sometimes when one takes a principled stand, feathers get ruffled. I think that's okay. I also appreciate the "agreeing to disagree." That's cool, too. But I was proud of your courage when I saw your first comment.
  11. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 25 — Museum of Death

    Thank you, Not Erik! That is very sweet. Usually, I'm an idiot!
  12. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 25 — Museum of Death

    I think the key to getting MM's humor on this episode is to understand that he, like most middle-class US Jewish people, has known a lot of people like R and B (usually relatives who are hectoring, annoying, judgmental, provincial) and is in on R and B's joke that it is the height of insanity to bring such an approach to life to celebrity interviews. He is simply reacting as a normal (if somewhat defensive) person would when bombarded by insults, intrusive questions, non-sequiturs, etc. I personally thought that MM's refusal to "yes, and" produced one of the funniest episodes of any podcast I have ever heard. In some ways, it points out just how "crazy" R and B's other guests are in reacting so calmly and graciously. Maybe the best comparison would be to the different kinds of humor that Borat or Ali G drag out of different kinds of people with whom they interact?
  13. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 71 — Badu Doo-Wop

    Props on the Michelle Tanner gif. Has that sentence ever been typed before on Earth?
  14. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 71 — Badu Doo-Wop

    Goddammit, BenV, that's some misogynist hate speech shit right there. I think you should apologize. Seriously.
  15. Sad Billionaire

    Episode 71 — Badu Doo-Wop

    Incredible. The whole truck song segment was epic. One for the ages.