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  1. Jachin

    Episode 248 - Choco Figgy Nut

    Why is it missing like half the episode?
  2. Is this a best of all time? If so, why are there so few to choose from from the first 150 eps?
  3. Jachin


    This really disappoints me and it kind of signals to me a fundamental misunderstanding of how people consume podcasts. I am 100% on board with an Earwolf subscription service. But the way that this has been handled is just... a bummer all around.
  4. Jachin


    Scott, I need a 'sclusie. Are there plans for video episodes through the subscription?
  5. Jachin


    Thanks for the reply. I don't quite understand the logic behind this decision, but I've been an Earwolf fan for years, and will continue to be. I just ask that y'all please wait a couple of days before removing the eps for us completionists and obsessives to download.
  6. Jachin


    Alright there is conflicting info out at the moment. Will the episodes on Earwolf continue to be free and with ads? According to this thread? No. According to Twitter? Yes.
  7. Jachin

    So, Midroll got acquired by EW Scripps

    This is very good to hear! I'll admit I was slightly worried. Thanks for taking the time, Adam, and congrats!
  8. Jachin

    Ask Paul!

    Hi Paul! Would you ever consider having a guest join in on the improv if he or she was comfortable?
  9. Jachin

    EPISODE 351 โ€” CBB: The Movie

    This was a good episode. I don't know if it's been said, but I gotta say, those Handbook fellas are a couple of, well, wacko goofballs.
  10. Jachin

    Why did they change the theme song?

    Fascism SUCKS!!! Now, let us eradicate all rap music.
  11. My problem with these episodes is that Besser is barely involved in the scenes.
  12. Jachin

    Episode 320 โ€” Charging Kids

    I feel like Ms. D got the short end of the stick on this one. Victor and Tiny are just too big of characters to share the spotlight.
  13. Jachin

    Episode 182 โ€” Gandalf Vs. Snape

    Man there have been some great guests lately. Too bad Armen is still there, oh well.
  14. I just thought it was weird he's a fan of the show and doesn't like Werner Herzog and Ice T, I wasn't trying to be a dick. Criticism makes life interesting!
  15. How can you call yourself a fan?! I would have killed to see this.
  16. Jachin

    Episode 285 โ€” Solo Bolo

    Its been a while since we had a bbbbbonusssssss episode. I love me some Benny Schwaz, can't wait to listen!
  17. Holy shit. I was not expecting this.
  18. Jachin

    General Snus Ads on Earwolf Shows

    Thanks for writing this, Jeff. Its always interesting to gain more insight on the business side of podasting. You really care about your listeners and employees and it shows. As for the ads, I don't really get offended that easily so I don't much care. As you said it is completely up to the podcaster, so if the podcaster decides to endorse a somewhat shady product it is on them. This particular case just seems to be poor communication more than anything. I heard the snus ad over on Doug Loves Movies and I just found it tonally strange to the point it was hilarious.
  19. Isn't that epidoe filled with scenes BEFORE episode 90? If not I'm very confused.
  20. Jachin

    Episode 281 โ€” Bro Boarders

    I think XJR& and Ducky Powell would get along great.
  21. Didn't he mention that the Super Bowl was last month in the episode? So it was prob recorded in March.
  22. Does Michael Delaney live in the Earwolf studios? Discounting the SXSW ep, he's been in the past 5 episodes! Not that I'm complaining, I like the guy.
  23. I very much enjoyed PFT: Video game critic.
  24. Jachin

    Will there be new seasons?

    http://www.avclub.com/article/andy-daly-found-his-perfect-tv-show-then-had-wait--201855 "Well, Iโ€™m just going to make eight of them, for sure. Weโ€™re just doing eight. Yeah, itโ€™s a mini-series. So, eight of my characters are getting their own podcast. I donโ€™t know the next step. Whether each one of those characters will get a second episode, whether thereโ€™s other characters that will get pilots, or whether one of these will take off and have more episodes, or nothing. Anything can happen."