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  1. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 126 - LIVE at UCB w/ Ben Feldman, Reid Scott

    Yeah, but do you ever remember one like that? You could tell 'Ronna' felt the shift in the room and tried to get out as quickly as possible. I don't know, I'm not a Sanders fan but that one hit my ears weird.
  2. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 126 - LIVE at UCB w/ Ben Feldman, Reid Scott

    Man. That Sanders-Sexual Assault Bit was really in poor taste.
  3. The hysterical shrieking the first time at the song killed me.
  4. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 396 - The Intern Challenge

  5. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    I like her because she seems pretty genuine to me. I've heard people sound nervous on here that I thought were taking it to seem like they belonged. She seemed to be enjoying her time and not putting on a face. Fun stuff.
  6. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    "So what was he when you knew him, 8 or 9?" "Hey..FUCK YOU!"
  7. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    He should find a way to reverse it since it's in the wrong place now.
  8. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    The part where Horatio started making up lyrics to the Maude theme got me too. Remember when he did that with WEIRD SCIENCE? These episodes are such a fucking joy.
  9. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    I started laugh-cough-choking during the Smooth Criminal part.
  10. "I can't answer that because he keeps playing only songs he wrote." These guys were amazing.
  11. Lukas Holmes

    Best of 2015 Pt. 3

    Why do the sounds the Time Keeper makes in the background when people mention anything time-related delight me so much?
  12. What if Brett is secretly behind EW Scripps? OH GOD! Did you know EW Scripps anagrams out to CRISP SPEW? IT WAS ALL RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!
  13. Jesus H. Christ this music. I had to actually pause after two of the songs so I could recover before the funny. That second song (Little bit of everything?) broke my heart in a million pieces. I4H could make some money selling an album of all of these similiar to a TINY DESKS thing from NPR. Besser took things to a very special place this year. Just...wow.
  14. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 390 - The Oh, Hello Show

    I think Scott got it but wasn't biting on it. But the turn for Kroll was wonderful.
  15. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 389 — Travel Agent-Si!

    Luke Crate sounds awesome.
  16. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 36 - A Dinner Theater

    This was, maybe, the finest episode of anything in podcast history. In tears 'And we can't get PREEGNANT!'.
  17. Holy shit this one took a turn fast.
  18. That killed me cause you could tell Horatio thought it was going to end the scene and then the just went HARD at him over it.
  19. I've had to apologize for that on first dates so many times.
  20. He 'has the right' to do anything he wants. It's his show.Which he does for pretty much nothing. He owes us nothing. We are entitled to nothing. We are not only not entitled to a music episode every single time if that's what he wants, we aren't even entitled to any episodes at all if he so chooses. What I am saying is, if this makes him happy (and it makes a lot of us happy too), then why rag on it? Why not just skip it without comment? Why post something negative if it clearly makes him happy?
  21. Could not disagree more. First of all, after HOURS and HOURS of these podcasts where there was no musical guest, I think it's fine to have them as often as we do. More than that, other than Frank Turner, I have never heard of a single one of these folks and have been turned onto a crazy amount of new music. Hate to throw out the 'it's free' card, but in this instance I think you need to factor in since he (Besser) has done so much for free on Earwolf, why be annoyed at him getting something out of it like meeting/hosting his musical idols? If it keeps him going, keeps his tank full on doing this podcast (and it seems like he keeps getting big time improv-names because they get to see the music up close) then why hate on it? You see a music one, just skip it. Easy enough.
  22. Gemberling is on, so you know something fucked up would happen to animals in the first one.
  23. I'm going through the U2 catalog and listening to each ep as I do. I had no memory of them making a joke about Harris dying (long before his death) and his funeral. How weird to hear.
  24. I love how Lauren keeps trying to get him to go to the phone lines and Gabrus won't bite.