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  1. Is this happening? Am I having a stroke? I can't believe this is happening.
  2. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    Their rendition was startlingly touching.
  3. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    I have not seen this movie, but this image I find very upsetting.
  4. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    Man, HDTGM getting some big time sponsors.
  5. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 383 — Return to Suicide House Part Boo

    Mitch's thinly veiled hostility towards Nick cracks me up each episode. "Jesus Christ, no one cares about the stupid history of this place."
  6. Lukas Holmes

    Earwolf Radio? What? What about Howl?

    Yeah, that's pretty old. One of the earliest things they did.
  7. I cannot believe he got fucking Frank Turner!
  8. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 1710 - Todd Barry

    "Yeah, that's how a phone works." Freaking Barry already fully formed at 18.
  9. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 1710 - Todd Barry

    Oh god. I cannot wait for this!
  10. Well. The Ace of Base stuff is upsetting on a number of levels.
  11. Lukas Holmes

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    Is it really that big of a deal? Just FF the ads. I mean, is that the whole reason you bought it? Just to not hear ads? I pay for it to hear the original stuff that is only there. I guess I'm just confused if you know that they know there is a problem and that they are fixing it, why come here and post a complaint? Are you hoping they will refund you the $5? Is it really such a huge deal that you feel so strongly about it?
  12. Goes without saying. #KimDavisWasRight
  13. "I didn't because they looked too queer." Jimmy was so delighted with himself.
  14. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    The Predator one was very enjoyable. The guy doing the impressions is spot on.
  15. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    Hey now duck-dongman.
  16. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    While we're being honest, can I just lay all my cards on the table? I was thinking you might be taking my remark on your remark, on my remark, on her remark, exactly seriously enough to be remarked upon.
  17. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    I think you might have been taking my remark on her remark a little too seriously.
  18. Lukas Holmes

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    Who was the person taking it a little too seriously? "Um actually, we do give a shit. It's a good movie." People being genuine against Gino is just the best.
  19. Are you the wicked man?
  20. It's okay. I've always wanted to be a part of the HH forums but like, one minute after I hear a new show is up I rush over to see the forum and it is already like 200 posts deep and I can't take it upon myself to participate. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked that the guy from Will & Grace and some other guy have a show together...but you guys are just overwhelming.
  21. Jesus H. Christmas SouperDemon88! Is nothing sacred?????
  22. And for future reference, that was like super personal question bro. Why don't you just ask me what my fuck style is? (hair first nom nom nom)
  23. For me, I would have to say Yo Is This Podcast Racist?
  24. Reality Shoe Show. (also, fuck all of you godless heathens)