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  1. I love HDTGM. What about Paul and Jason just rapping about the news, or anything really. I really dig when Paul and Jason go off on a tangent. It would be hilarious to hear Jason talk about how someone in the news is "Bonkers" etc. even just a short 20mins now and again.
  2. Wagner

    Sex and the City 2 (2010)

    It is total garbage. everyone knows the premise. and they destroy it in the sequel movie. Would love to hear Jason go off on these old cougars.
  3. I was doing holiday grocery shopping, enjoying the podcast during the mundane chore. I lost my shit while in line to check out when Jesse announced his rules regarding wrestling aroused dudes. Comic genius.
  4. Wagner

    Episode 83 — Living On A Edge

    The Morgana take was awesome. Rochester Knighthawks play in the NLL www.nll.com Racist Vin Scully was on fire this episode.
  5. Wagner

    Episode 81 — Super Bowl Roast

    I'm a proud citizen of Sklarbro Country. I dig every episode. however, this episode seemed to have increased energy which makes it great.