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    Episode 248 Velocipastor

    I am surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. But the visit to China was both real and a reoccurring dream. Right after he wakes up from his nightmare Father Stewart mentions that the dream must be from his travels and picks up the dinosaur tooth, and says it must be related to cutting his hand on the "artifact" and asks about what the woman said to him. The real question is how did he get to China? He says the line China is East like he had traveled east in his car (in the opening montage) and then walked there in his backpack. If he took a plane he would have known that it was east with the inflight GPS screen. The situation is defiantly a combination of Hulk and Werewolf type of transformations, he seems to transform either with Anger like he partially did when he killed the Pimp, or at times when the Dinosaur wants to eat or when there seems to be a crime in progress that he wishes to stop but has no memory of when he transformed, as waking up in the prostitute house showed. Why is his brother know as Sam the white Ninja speaks English but perfect understands what the main villain is saying? Why can't he speak it? Also, how does Father Stewart also understand the villian yet doesn't speak it or seem to have any reason to understand it. Did Sam join the ninja clan because his parents didn't love him as much as Doug, seems like a weird reason to join an evil ninja clan? I also thought it was pretty hilarious Doug for some reason hides he is reading Crime 2 (which makes me wonder if there is a crime 1 book and what is wrong with reading a book about crime as a priest) he hides it by putting a book behind it, which makes it more suspicious. Lastly, if he is a priest why is called Velocipaster since both are clergies of Christianity but are not the same thing? They could have easily just made him a Pastor. or called it Velocipriest. Keep up the great show Paul, June, and Jason, you guys provide much-needed laughs during this difficult time.
  2. samoan

    Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002)

    A great bad movie with one of the greatest pick up lines ever. There is an interview online with John Barrowman about the infamous line is worth watching after seeing the movie.
  3. samoan

    Episode 8 — Sucker Punch

    Babydoll played by Emily Browing is 24 and was 23 when the movie came out so I am guessing she was 19-22 when the movie was made. Great episode .