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    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    If you could bang one, marry one, and kill one of these three movies, which would it be? The Room, Gigli, and Birdemic: Shock and Terror
  2. The link I posted is the trailer. Here is the IMDB summary: Prisoners are dying at the Ogden Correctional Institution, a prison where a corrupt Warden has taken justice and business into his own hands. In the bowels of this prison, an underground fighting society has been formed. The Circuit is flourishing until investigative reporter Nicole Kent is thrown into the mix, and into Pike's cell where she is viciously attacked and left for dead. Enter Dirk Longstreet. Dirk, who was once a fighting champion on the Eastern seaboard circuit, now has to sit idly by as his girlfriend fights for her life. Dirk decides to fight for revenge. It's a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. This was what started my guilty pleasures in bad movies. I couldn't look away from a trainwreck which was completely epic. The last fight scene, and chase is one of the funnier things I have ever seen in a bad movie.
  3. I really enjoyed this podcast, but I wanted to touch on some additional things I noted which weren't explained really in the podcast. It seemed like every character knew where to go without being told where to go. They touched on the Viet.....manese restaurant, but it just seemed like these characters knew everything all the time about the plot, and it didn't need to be discussed. Like when Whitney Moore told her mom about meeting a guy at the restaurant, she didn't meet him at the restaurant, she met him on the street. It didn't even seem like she knew he was at the restaurant. Another thing which stood out for me was we had NO IDEA where we were. We knew we were in California, but we didn't know where. We just knew we weren't in San Francisco because Whitney Moore told us she wasn't from the area (she was from San Fran), but the only news the guy watched was about stuff in San Francisco. Another news note, did anyone else notice after the news about the polar bears dying, when Rod left his house it was almost like they were playing a triumphant symphony behind him? They also didn't mention the one kid calling the forest guy a "tree hugger." I actually had to pause the movie, and walk away hunched over as I bursted out in laughter. Also, we never saw the guys reload until the last scene when Hot Rod ran out of bullets. He must've had the biggest ammo clip and it could hold like 1000 bullets. When Whitney Moore and Rod were at the restaurant PARTYIN WITH THE FAMILY, they get their drinks, but need more time to look at the menu. The waiter says "okay, hope you enjoy." Enjoy what? They didn't get any food yet. Maybe this stood out to me because I was a waiter at one point. I wondered if the girl in the orange bathing suit was legal. Had Rod ever used a cell phone before? The scene in Whitney Moore's apartment/hotel(?) he put the phone up to his ear and goes "BATTERY IS DEAD." It was like he had no idea how to check if the battery was dead. I'm very glad Jason touched on how this guy seemed like a serial killer. I thought that was hilarious, especially the way he ran her down, and his awkward demeanor. I really enjoyed this movie, probably too much. I have watched it twice on Netflix instant, and will probably watch it again. I hope the 2nd one comes out in theaters. I really want to see it. I found a new guilty pleasure.