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  1. I want to watch very badly but can't seem to find any clips that will play in Canada! Have any of my Canadian brothers or sisters found working clips of this?


    That sucks. I could help you out with that if you want...if you don't mind sending me an email address, I can send you an alternate download link for the video. I'd rather not post it on this board...

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    Yeah, HOW did they put out such great, funny shows while not really speaking to each other?! That completely blew my mind while listening to this episode. I certainly didn't notice months of shows where there was some weird vibe. Pretty amazing.





    Overall, this was one of my favorite episodes. Kyle's Taylor [Dayne] impression nearly made my sister and I drive off the freeway and kill ourselves, we were laughing so hard.


    :lol: Oh dear.

  3. scott loves woodies but then again dont we all? maybe not haha i knew this episode was going to be fucking amazing when i saw it in itunes at 3 in the morning haha


    It's good to know I'm not the only one who listens to these podcasts at odd hours of the morning/late nights. :P

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  4. These were my answers before Kyle and Sarah answered:



    2.Shorts-I pictured khaki duckheads




    Not too bad.


    Excellent episode. I was certain that Kyle and Sarah were dating long before the Sexual Attraction episode of PB. Regardless they are great for each other. It makes total sense for them to be together.


    I read NBC did not pick up the Sarah Silverman pilot Susan 313. :( F*CK NBC


    I'm SO happy DeLaRue made an appearance!!!! Best character ever! Next to Craig of course.


    I had never heard of Songify either. Don't feel bad, Scott.


    Do you know if Tig has to avoid alcohol/yeast/fried foods/etc for the rest of her life or if she's eventually "in the clear"? That was something I thought about a lot at the end of the show. Obviously she's already been through a hellacious stretch but that seems like yet another major task, to have to place such a strict policy on one's lifestyle from this point forward.


    I was wondering that too. :(