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    Episode 91 — Live in Vancouver/Hope

    They cut a bunch of stuff out. Oh well. Still cool to hear it again. I wished they would have kept their stand up sets in. Kyle had the place going nuts. That shit was 'bananas'.
  2. Hey, folks. This cool idea was brought to my attention. It's something that TrackPFT has been known to do. TrackPFT holds a Pod F. Tompkast Twitter-based Listening party every once in a while. We thought it would be cool to hold a Professor Blastoff twitter party. Here's how it works: I will set a certain date and time for everyone who wants to be involved to listen to the latest episode of Professor Blastoff together. So you would follow @TigFansUnite on Twitter and at that particular hour, we all hit play on the latest episode of Professor Blastoff... The hashtag will be #PBOparty. It's kind of like live tweeting the Oscars or some other huge television event and tweet every single thought you have about that episode. It will be a fun party atmosphere, don't hold back anything. Get drunk if you have to. It's okay if you have listened to the episode earlier in the day if you need to be prepared. There are no bad #PBOparty tweets. Say whatever you want, feel, think. With that said, the next Professor Blastoff Twitter-based Listening Party will be held: None #PBOparty is the chosen hashtag Again, follow @TigFansUnite (if you want) on Twitter if you would like further details. I hope you will join us!
  3. tweets and smiles on new years day. #PBOparty
  4. Next Twitter-Based Listening Party: Nov. 6! Deets here.
  5. TigFansUnite

    Episode 71 — Wealth

    Van Stee Band @VANSTEEBAND
  6. TigFansUnite

    Tig on Conan (9/20/12)

    Cool. Hey, got your email. File sent. Enjoy.
  7. TigFansUnite

    Tig on Conan (9/20/12)

    That sucks. I could help you out with that if you want...if you don't mind sending me an email address, I can send you an alternate download link for the video. I'd rather not post it on this board...
  8. TigFansUnite

    Tig Has Friends - Largo, 8/3/2012

    Yep. A courageous woman. Which is why Tig Fans Unite exists. Thanks for sharing your experience, Chalkdust.
  9. 5th #PBOparty. Next week. Tuesday. July 31, 2012. Details here.
  10. TigFansUnite

    Clown Service

    Please help the adorable Craig kick down some nickels for Tig's project! http://www.kickstart...o/clown-service Read more: http://tigfansunite....9#ixzz1yeV6Icm3
  11. TigFansUnite

    Clown Service

    Update from Tig's Kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tignotaro/clown-service
  12. TigFansUnite

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    Totally. Oh dear.
  13. TigFansUnite

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    There's just no way to tell...
  14. TigFansUnite

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    Better yet a banged out Taylor Dayne...Oops. I mean a banged up Taylor Dayne.
  15. Bump. 4th PBOparty next week. June 26, 2012. Details in first post. HERE.
  16. TigFansUnite

    Episode 56 — Twins

    That story wasn't even THAT horrible. There are far worst embarrassing horror stories out there.
  17. TigFansUnite

    Episode 56 — Twins

  18. TigFansUnite

    Episode 56 — Twins

    I always say they should bring this channel back from the dead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7Jj-NbJzao&feature=plcp
  19. TigFansUnite

    Episode 55 — Music Vol 1

    Kyle had it right. It's PB#POPparty.
  20. TigFansUnite

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    It's good to know I'm not the only one who listens to these podcasts at odd hours of the morning/late nights.
  21. TigFansUnite

    Episode 9 — Dimensions

    Hey, man I enjoyed this. I posted it on my blog and fb page fuckyeahprofessorblastoff.tumblr.com Nice job.
  22. TigFansUnite

    Episode 160 — Slow Dance Boner

    These were my answers before Kyle and Sarah answered: 1.Shorts 2.Shorts-I pictured khaki duckheads 3.Jeans 4.Jeans Not too bad. Excellent episode. I was certain that Kyle and Sarah were dating long before the Sexual Attraction episode of PB. Regardless they are great for each other. It makes total sense for them to be together. I read NBC did not pick up the Sarah Silverman pilot Susan 313. F*CK NBC I'm SO happy DeLaRue made an appearance!!!! Best character ever! Next to Craig of course. I had never heard of Songify either. Don't feel bad, Scott.
  23. TigFansUnite


    They called mother on a recent one other than the Taste episode. Perception Pt. 2: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/perception-pt-2/
  24. TigFansUnite

    Episode 53 — Self-Esteem

    I'm a VIP in my family. I'm a VIP you see? A very important person, a very important person, a very important person - that's me. That's me.