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    Episode 100 — Junior

    For what it's worth, when they're trying to figure out how they're developing the drug but also delivering babies, the answer is that they're REIs. Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialists who do a three-year fellowship after finishing their four-year OB/Gyn residency. Like MAAAA WIIIIIIFE
  2. Just wanted to say that thanks to you jerks, I can't hear/see the word 'hamburger' without thinking of 'hamburger sammich' and laughing like an idiot.
  3. uncleezno

    Episode 65.5 — 3/2/2012 TWO CHARTED

    I also registered specifically to say that it was painful to hear such ignorant garbage coming from Kulap. Nice to hear that Howard wasn't buying it, and made fun of her for her ridiculous beliefs.