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  1. The swiftly approaching Summah should really be welcomed the right way this year. I was the right thing might be a "contest" where the prize is to meet the true king of Summah? Something with water parks and/or giant 7-11 drink blends should be part of this as well? Okay, a water park for sure. Seems like a great way to ring in the new Summah Season.



    I thought it might be a fun topic to hear about on the podcast. Sure to bring about some great Howard and Kulap back and forth. Maybe Lee could pop by for some color commentary? Wishful thinking maybe.



    I think I would like to start the Win a Summah with Wee Wee movement. I'm going to begin collecting signatures or whatever the internet equivalent might be. Twitter retweets? Something. Hoping that a certain amount of "signatures" can make this a reality.


    Off to hardness the power of the interweb.