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    Episode 16 — The Smurfs

    Just went back and listened to this show (I prefer to listen to the episodes after I've seen the actual movie, and now, sadly, I have seen The Smurfs). Great episode! At one point someone says they've shot themselves in the foot as far as the sequel goes as Gargamel is trapped in New York. I just wanted to share that the novelization sets up the sequel at the end - Papa Smurf is having one of his magic visions at the end of the movie and sees Gargamel atop the Eifle Tower replica in Las Vegas. So, if they follow the original plan of the script (novelizations are usually written from early drafts of scripts) it looks like the sequel will be Viva Smurf Vegas or somthing to that effect. And, no, I didn't read the novelization, I know about it because of another podcast, (perhaps the unofficial sister-podcast of How DId This Get Made), The Book Was Better, in which the hosts read and discus novelizations of (usually) terrible movies, and The Smurfs was their most recent one. Really funny show that I think fans of HDTGM will most likely enjoy! http://www.thebookwasbetterpodcast.com/