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  1. tobyism

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Real excited for the coming weeks to listen to all the shows promoting this new Howl app that I can't use. Why launch the app/site/subscription plan with no Android support? I've listened since Indie 103 CDR days and then on my Zune (i 'won' it at a company party... shut up). I bought all the live shows when they came out. But because I have an android I'm out of luck. And before you tell me to listen on the website, I drive for a living and can't stream things in East Jesus Nowhere. I'm going to subscribe as soon as you get the Android app but it is just kinda shitty.
  2. TIL from this episode.. Scott may or may not be able to tell human female genitalia from a horse's penis. Early on in this episode Scott references Crank 2 and how there is a shot of Amy Smart's vagina as she leaps over the camera. Scott says something along the lines of "oh I remember the part on the race track with the horse penis" and then the matter is quickly dropped. I'm not sure how to feel about this development, but somehow it is making me sad for Kulap. Keep up the good work Scotts! Maybe a little less U2 talk would be nice as well, I'm beginning to bother my friends my bafflingly complete knowledge of U2, from the names of the band members to how PFT first discovered them. But that is good uhh rock n roll based podcasting.
  3. tobyism

    Episode 103 β€” Photography

    Don't know if it has been said already, but a possible new entry for the Blastoff drinking game.. every time David crowbars in his weird Luddite dystopian future, take a drink
  4. tobyism

    Episode 14 β€” The Control Room

    The show is just getting better (not counting the absence of Gerry.. WE MISS YOU SPIRIT BEAR!) but please stop the whispering.. and holy shit the Clevon Big joke had me rolling.
  5. tobyism

    Episode 13 β€” Up Goes The Lift

    I love this podcast more and more each episode. And Brian's Adventures in Babysitting segment had me in tears laughing. We need Gerry and the Spirit Bear to come back ASAP. Let him rise from the depths mysteriously and he can be Gerry the White now.
  6. tobyism

    Episode 5 β€” Analyze Fish

    You have done the UNTHINKABLE! NEVER did i think I would listen to this podcast, but you slap a Howard kremer, a Shelby Fero, and top it with a PFT.. then most importantly.. remove all Phish?! I'm so there it is insane!
  7. tobyism

    Episode β€” Perception Pt. 2

    This two part episode is probably one of my favorites, despite the lack of our lovely Tig (we love you Tig!). You guys (and no girls) were on from beginning to end. Love Myq Kaplan, have him back again soon! Me and the wife can not stop shouting "SHAME HUT BABY!" at each other. Amazing show guys (and no girls)!
  8. tobyism

    Episode 70 β€” Daddy Issues

    Great show, my two favorite Howardisms this ep: "At some point, you're gonna lose a goose." "You know, some guys who get to collect cans and get money for them."
  9. tobyism

    Episode 69 β€” Ronna & Beverly

    A little more Howard and Ku talking would be great.
  10. tobyism

    Episode 45 β€” Enlightenment

    Seriously, this is my favorite podcast.. I agree that this is one of the better episodes of it as well. Tig is always amazing, Kyle was firing on all cylinders (Swamp Rock for life), the guest was funny and insightful, and this may have been Aaron's finest hour. But sometimes David can be so quick to make blanket statements about things he doesn't know about and also so obstinate in his own theory of something.. how many times can you try to explain that 4 people in the room were talking about enlightenment in a spiritual sense and each time David seemed to insist the other 4 were talking about omnipotence or omniscience. I love you guys, even Aaron, but David.. try to curb some of that knee jerk reaction from time to time. You don't always know everything.