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  1. I kid you not. This is a 1986 comedy: "Russell has been expelled from several schools for lewd, crude and nude conduct. Busterburger University is his last chance at education and satisfying his disappointed parents." For really, real, real. This is the first few minutes of the film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssCXelQmmLw This is totally a movie, an awful movie, I believe scarred me growing up because my father did not really comprehend what was appropriate for small children to watch. So you should hurt yourself and everyone you love by getting them to watch this.
  2. A: Oh yes. I have taken a look at his movie history and he has been in films I loved! And I feel that I will defend these movie and him until they are pushed from my conscience mind to make room for all the remakes of the films and the adaptations of books I read that I loved growing up; but of course will hate on principal, and not be able to remember what came before them. Not the point. The point is there is a film that he was in, which I was excited about, that I just hated myself for seeing. I can not place exactly what it was that caused the anger I feel for having seen this film, but i am so glad no one else in my life has ever mentioned it. I am of course talking about Gentlemen Broncos written by the Hess'. You know those guys that wrote Nacho Libre. Cinematic Gold